Poem – D.I.Y. Author

I contort the pages

Force them into a new shape and form

They adjust uncomfortably

Electronic words are not the norm


I have been going round and round with my Microsoft Word files the past few days.  I’ve now discovered a new way to make my EBooks look great in the Kindle and other EReaders – I think.  It seems to be working so far, but it involves a lot of trial and error.

The problem I am having is that when I wrote most of my stuff it was meant for print.  I just popped open a Word file and started banging away on the keys.  With EBooks though you got to nurse it, massage it, take it out to dinner a couple of times before it gives up the goods.  You have to go in and manually set a lot of the margins, tabs, and so forth.  It is a nightmare on an OCD guy like me.  At what point do you just let it go?  I could tweak on these things forever.  And on top of all that I keep hearing how Word is the devil when it comes to making EBooks.  Again, it’s all I have ever used, so my stuff is frozen in Word.  Guess I got to just work with what I got.

Your thoughts.  Do you hire people to do make your EBooks or are you one of those who go in like I do and try to do it themselves?

If you have an EBook you might want to look into these two sites.  Both helped me along the way, and are helping me still.



Pay it Forward Friday with Author Anthony Renfro and his new book!


I really want to say thanks to Emily for doing this. So cool of her. Check out her books today!

Originally posted on "The Light-Bearer Series" ~ by Emily Guido:


A Zombie Holiday Trilogy

Zombie 1 - High Resolution (1)

A Zombie Thanksgiving

One woman risks life and limb in a Zombie Apocalypse to prepare a grand Thanksgiving feast.

A Zombie Christmas

In a Zombie Apocalypse, three men risk life and limb to bring happiness to surviving kids on Christmas morning.

A Zombie New Year

Separated in a Zombie Apocalypse, Becky and Joe risk life and limb in order to reunite on New Year’s Eve.


Anthony has this Holiday Rocking set of books all set up for Pre-Order on the EBook side and it is now available in Print to purchase.

wirbel01TODAY ONLY

Two of these stories in it are FREE

September 19, 2014

A Zombie Thanksgiving and A Zombie Christmas 

The link to the trilogy on Amazon is:


published on October 10, 2014


Author Anthony Renfro, Bio

Anthony likes to keep things short and sweet.  

He lives in…

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Help others . . . help yourself!


I’m always on the hunt for unique ideas and ways to promote not only myself, but others as well. Emily has come up with a great way to do just that. Swing over and see what she has to offer for “Pay it Forward Friday.”

Originally posted on "The Light-Bearer Series" ~ by Emily Guido:

This is a personal post . . .

I seem to be doing that a lot these days, but I’m trying to clear the cobwebs out of my mind – one of them is bothersome.

imagesHave you ever heard of Karma?

Let me make this perfectly clear, I am NOT a philosopher at all.

However, I believe Karma is circular.

If you want good things to happen, you make them happen by the good you give others.

If you want to be helped, you need to help others.

If you want to be happy, you need to make others happy.

So on and so forth . . .

I believe that there are some TREMENDOUSLY great Bloggers, Authors and awesome readers out there. So, let’s help each other out!

-philosophy-1340036013Google +




Ask another blogger for a Guest Post

In other words, spread the word.  

There is…

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Get an Early Taste of the Holiday Season Today – Free to Read on Kindle: A Zombie Thanksgiving and A Zombie Christmas

A Zombie Thanksgiving:

Dawn looked back up the aisle, light splashing on empty shelves, and an empty store.  Seeing nothing moving, she turned around, and the smell of rancid meat engulfed her, wrapped her in its vomit inducing embrace.  The thing causing the smell was a zombie, and he was wearing a butcher’s outfit, meat clever still in his hand, held high, ready to chop, chop, chop. 

The meat clever swung downward causing her to drop the gun, as she moved out of its way.  The clever clanged down into a nearby shelf with a loud bang, as the gun bounced on the floor and rattled off into the darkness.  She retrieved her knife as the zombie grabbed her with his free hand.  He decided not to chop anymore as he lunged towards her.  He was ready to get some flesh between his teeth, and the meat clever wouldn’t help him with that.  Dawn could smell the rotten odor on his breath, which smelled like week old dead flesh, as he went in for the fatal bite. 

Somehow, heavy as he was, she managed to push him back; and then with all her eighteen-year-old might, managed to jam the sharp blade into its head.  The zombie quickly fell to the floor.  She was about to reach down for her blade when she heard shuffling behind her.  She turned around and two more zombies were coming at her.  One in a shirt and tie, probably the manager, BOB was the name on his name tag; and he looked like a Bob.  The other was dressed like a store employee somewhere in the late teenage years.  Dawn searched frantically for her gun . . . http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MS9NO40

A Zombie Christmas: 

I woke up in the morning to a knock at the door and a quiet house.  The Christmas tree was still sparkling and doing its thing, the ornaments hanging here and there with a precision touch, neat and organized.  I grabbed a pistol nearby, shook the cobwebs free, and walked over to the peephole. 

I peered through.  I then reached down and unlocked the door, putting the pistol on the side table as I did.

“I was wondering if you were going to let us in or not,” Jim replied, as he stepped into the house.  He turned around to see where Fred was.  He was still standing guard on the top step, so intent on watching the area that he didn’t even know the door was open or that two people were talking.  “He’s good Mike, too good sometimes.”  Jim tapped the man on the shoulder.  “Fred.  It’s safe. We can go inside.”  Fred didn’t jump or move in any spastic manner, he just turned and followed after them.

The door closed and locked . . . http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004GUS7WS


You can also find these stories in “A Zombie Holiday Trilogy.”



Zombie 1 - High Resolution

Print (with Bonus Short Story – A Vampire at Christmas)


Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Zombie Holiday Trilogy by Anthony Renfro

A Zombie Holiday Trilogy

by Anthony Renfro

Giveaway ends November 10, 2014.

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Bitter Coffee ~ A Short Story


I enjoy reading short stories and I enjoy sharing them as well. If you like coffee you should swing over and check this one out.

Originally posted on Confessions of a Cart Jockey:

Forty became fourteen, fourteen became one hundred and one hundred became seven. Only in retail did that kind of math make sense and then only to the people who signed the paychecks. Right now, Jack only needed a dollar, seventy-five to get through the next hour, which would lead him to the four he desperately needed to turn one hundred into one, twenty-five and make it to ten and a half if he was really lucky.

The aroma hit his brain, lifting the fog as he took a deep breath. The cafe was brightly lit which stung his eyes at first, but then he settled on the Halloween décor which was already covering the walls. In a glass case in the corner, a scarecrow with a pumpkin head waved at him from top of a cake he wished he could bite into – mostly because the chemicals used to preserve…

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