Free to read today (10/24/2014): Ghostly Visitations and Southern Destinations: A Parson Slang Adventure eBook

I kept seeing this one as a free download today, and I couldn’t figure out why. I started to panic thinking there was a mistake or something like that – maybe Amazon accidentally set it free by accident. Before I panicked too much, I checked my free promotions for the day, and lookey there. My book was set to run free and I had forgotten all about it. I’m usually right on top of these things. Guess I just flaked on this one. Anyway, with that said, grab a copy if you like. This one is on me for the day. Happy Halloween!


An Action-Adventure tale about pirates, ghosts, buried treasure, doomed love affairs, double crosses, drug deals, and creatures made of slime. An eclectic tale combining the world of Jimmy Buffett and Stephen King.

… There comes a moment in all our lives when we sit back and do a mental inventory. We, in essence, see our lives flash before our eyes. Parson Slang was taking that mental inventory as he sat on the edge of the bed, waiting, a box of shells beside him and hands within reach of a shotgun that would end a human life. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that. The deal is done once the body goes cold. There was no turning back …Parson was, at one point in time, a warehouse worker. A simple day to day guy, and then that Golden Pirate showed up with the map leading to buried treasure. Parson had debated about it for a good long time, but the chance to wind up rich in this world was too much for him to pass up. So he took the next step, and journeyed beyond his front door, into this new life where he found himself sitting on a bed with a shotgun in his hand, waiting for the door to open.Follow Parson’s journey as he is double-crossed, pushed into endless peril, and asked to do things most people are rarely asked to do.Does he get his buried treasure? Does he get that easy life so many of us dream about?The answers lie within the pages.This EBook also contains a Short Story called “The Living Sand.” This small story is about two boys who discover the secrets of a forgotten hidden beach.

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Movie Review Haiku – The Haunting (1963)

Creepy and scary

A classic haunted house tale

Filled with mystery


What can I say about this one? A four star movie from start to finish that is one of my favorite ghost stories to watch. Sure, a lot of the effects, and the style of the film will probably be lost on the youth of today, because this movie relies on you to use your mind for scares and not a computer. The director uses low angle camera shots and disjointed views to offset the audience, which not only keeps you on edge, but is scary to look at most of the time. The house itself with all its weird twists and turns also is effectively used to make you always seem uneased. Sound and things off camera allow the mind to conjure up so many more thing than a computer can ever show you. I can’t recommend this one enough. If you can just settle in, realize the year it was made, and just let it all consume you. If you can do that, then you are in for a very good haunted house ride.

One of my favorite scenes – who really is holding her hand?


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Have you seen it?

Have you read the book?

Never read the book it is based on, but it is on my to read list.

Free to Read: 3 Short Stories of Terror

3 Short

Free from 10/24 – 10/28

Twenty Dollars:

A man buys a twenty dollar treadmill, only to find, the machine has evil intentions. Cheap comes at a price.

The Blade of Darkness:

A man has a nightmare. Is it real or just simply a bad dream?

Racing in the Street:

An undefeated street-racing legend takes on a foe that may or may not be the ghost of James Dean

Haiku – Disembodied

In an empty house

Booming dark voice calls to me

An echoing sound


My 2-year-old son inspired this one. For some reason echos shake him up. He will come out of a room and say something like “echo hear,” and of course the writer in me sparks up. How can I turn this into something scary? This Haiku came to mind. Happy early Halloween!

One of my favorite scary movies! I thought I would post another scene from “The Changeling.”


Self plug: If you are into reading some creepy stuff for the Halloween season. You can check out my Amazon page where you will find a lot of stories that will keep you up at night. “3 Short Stories of Terror” is running free tomorrow (10/24/2014) through Tuesday. If you like killer treadmills, scary dreams, and ghosts then this might just be the collection for you –

3 Short

The Blade of Darkness: Part 4

Part 4 continues below.  If you missed any of these posts, you can catch up by going to the BoD category.  Let’s continue, shall we.


The man had to get closer.

This was his biggest mistake.

When the man from the road, leaned out, one of the members of this cult saw him.

“You,” he replied, calmly.  There was no agitation in his voice.  “Why are you here?  Why have you disturbed us?”  The figure in the robe pointed to two of the other members.  “Bring him to me.”

They grabbed the man from the road before he could run, and he was lifted off his feet and taken over to the fire, close enough to feel the flames singe his skin.  He screamed in pain, and for his torment he was allowed a moment of reprieve.

“Please, I mean you no harm.  I am but a wanderer of the night, curious as to what you were doing.”  The man from the road said this to the man who was most certainly the leader.

“Why do you need to know?”  The leader leaned down to the man from the road, crimson smells issuing forth from his mouth.  “This is none of your business.”

“I will walk away.  I promise; no one will know.”

“You’re right.”

The conclusion to this story is dropping on 10/29/2014

Remember, you can find this story along with five others in this collection.

EBook and Paperback

EBook and Paperback


If you have a story that would be a perfect fit for Halloween, please leave me a link to it in this comments section below.

Halloween Haiku

I don’t know where some of these Haiku got off to. I had them posted on this site, but for some reason they are not here anymore. So, I thought I would re-post them for my new audience. I hope you enjoy these scary Haiku based on some of my favorite horror movies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Dying in your dreams

Freddy Krueger kills at ease

Do not fall asleep

The Evil Dead


Book of the dead, bound in flesh

Demon in the woods

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – My Top Five Movies – Number 3


I thought I would Re-Blog some movies of mine that may not have been seen by a lot of my new followers. Being it is Halloween I thought it would be great to start off with a classic – and a personal fave!

Originally posted on Books, Movies, Poetry:

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) ***** STARS

A Comparison of the old and the new A Nightmare on Elm Street


Robert Englund’s Freddy

Robert made him iconic. He brought an almost shakspearing nightmare vibe to the character. He gave Freddy this body and voice that will forever be linked with this character.

Like Dracula before him you will always compare that villain to Bela Lugosi because he just brought life to him. I think the same will go for Freddy. No matter who plays him you will always see Robert as Freddy. Robert’s Freddy was a bastard, a laughing at you while you burn bastard, he was evil through and through.

This is Freddy and it always will be. I just think the make up and the look of him was perfect for what they were going for. This is a dream demon after all who was burned as an adult…

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