Fear Filled Fridays (3/23/2018): Ghost Hunter and the EVP

I hear dead people,

talking through machines.

I hear dead people,

talking crisp and clean.



Haiku – Investigation

Laying on the desk

File filled with hidden secrets

Things he had done wrong


PI in his chair

Fedora and suit pressed tight

Watching her response


Soft tears on her cheek

Silently vowing revenge

Cold gun in her purse


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Fear Filled Fridays (3/16/2018): Ghosts of Antarctica

Frozen land, far from site.

Do you know there are ghosts down there?

From companies long abandoned,

and ships that have washed aground,

leaving restless souls from bodies never found.

Who knew that cold world was so active?

With spirit life.

Who knew the dead?


Night after night.