Haiku – 1/3/2022

Thick, heavy snowflakes

Falling from a dark grey sky

Tumbling fast and light


Not sure why I haven’t posted more as of late – guess you kind of reach a plateau and aren’t sure where to go when you are on it. Kind of feel that way about this blog. But this morning, inspiration hit, and it was in the form of a heavy snow fall. This might be the craziest weather day I have seen in my 49 years – started the morning with severe thunderstorm warnings and now, close to noon, snow is falling, of course, it isn’t sticking, but still to see snow after what we had this morning – crazy, crazy stuff. Anyway, hope you guys had a great holiday season. I can’t believe it is now in the past – time goes so fast.

haiku – 11/2/2021

Corner of the room

A figure in the shadows

Shimmering in white


Have you guys seen this movie?

I’ve seen some scary movies in my time and thought I might never find another great one – was I wrong. This movie has many scary moments sprinkled throughout, but the last thirty minutes took my breath away. It was just one thing after another and I loved it – nice to finally find a movie that actual scares you. I will say it isn’t for everyone, lots of hard gut wrenching stuff in this movie, but if you have the stamina to push through it is a very satisfying and excellent film. Should have been some awards dropped on this one.

Haiku – 10/27/2021

Glistening green grass

Waving in the soft cool breeze

An autumn morning


I just dropped a Halloween episode on my Podcast: Song Lines and Tan Lines.

Haiku – 9/14/2021

Words on a full page

Staring at a long story

Time for a re-write


Easiest thing to do, for me at least, is to write. I could write novels upon novels and never tire of it. Hardest thing for me to do, re-write. I wish I could just write and then send it on, but that would be too easy. It is in the re-write where the story truly comes alive. Well, time to get back to it. Cheers.