Haiku – Thatched Roof and Frozen Drinks

Tropical beach bar

Open to the warm sea breeze

Nestled in the palms


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Fear Filled Fridays (4/13/2018): Werewolf

The moon shining bright

Yellow and full in the sky

A lone howl erupts


These are two of the best Werewolf transformations to ever hit the cinema screen.

Graphic content. Sensitive audiences beware.

Haiku – 3 Looks at Pin

This was the first Haiku I wrote for the challenge this week. I just couldn’t wrap my head around what to write for the word “pin.” It was getting frustrating. Below are the three lines I came up with.

I can’t pin it down

Can’t think of a good Haiku

Too tough this Monday

Then these two popped into my mind.

I think they sound decent enough.

Pinned under a car

Spider-Man swings into help

There to save the day


Hair pinned up and neat

Ready for the junior prom

Waiting for her date


Anyway, do you want to take the challenge this week?

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Haiku – Jester

Fearing for his life

The fool entertained the king

Hoping for laughter


King sat silently

No smile upon his harsh face

The fool was sentenced


Off to the dungeon

The fool protested loudly

Drug away screaming


The fool smiled through pain

Lying in his harsh cold cell

Visitor approached


Unlocking the cage

The queen helped the fool escape

Lovers embracing


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Fear Filled Fridays (3/30/2018): Golden Orb

Moonlight casting rays,

buttery light fills the ground,

the night is alive,

with nocturnal sound.

What hides inside the shadows?

Creeps among the black,

using this golden light,

only for attack.

Is it a Werewolf?

Transformed by the moon,

or some other creature,

awoken to soon.