Poem – Warm Miami Rain*

I sit alone in the darkness of the naked night.

A storm is rolling softly across the ocean.

Thunder cracks-Lightning flashes.

A Warm Miami Rain beginning its motion.

The turmoil I feel inside.

Can be expressed by only one man.

The feelings are his alone.

All a part of his own forgetful plan.

The plan was a simple one.

Full of joy, No pain.

Washing the spirit clean.

Like the Warm Miami Rain.

I stand naked at the window.

While the whore opens the door to leave.

It closes with what once was my soul.

Along with my heart on her sleeve.

She evaporates into the rainy night.

I watch her go so slowly away.

I’m just another man to her.

I’m just another lay.

She climbs inside her car.

The engine combusted with pain.

My heart slips further down.

As she drives off in the Warm Miami Rain.

This night is over for me.

Her’s is one with a cruel unthinking start.

The cars tail-lights disappear.

Into the storms beating heart.

I suck deep on a cigarette.

Crush the butt out slow.

I take a step into the shower.

Man I feel so low.

The water dances upon me.

Like a growing eternal pain.

The lights flicker.

It’s the Warm Miami Rain.

A door opens.

Thunder booms.

The lights flicker.

A meeting looms.

What will I tell them?

My friends who’ve come to see.

The joy one moment couldn’t give.

To a man who is me.

The water turns off.

The floor is cold.

I towel off naked.

As I long for someone to hold.

The pleasure of a loved one.

After such a moment of glee.

This night it’s not a pleasure.

A pleasure for a man like me.

I dress, and open the door.

I step from the mist of heat.

They wait there.

Anticipation on the edge of their seat.

They think it was fun.

A pleasure for me.

They do not understand.

There is no pleasure or glee.

Just a hollow feeling.

Like a knife inside with pain.

I tell them everything.

While I stand and watch the Warm Miami Rain.

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  1. Really, really good; you have the smooth flow, the raw emotion, and the captivating story. I’m definitely feeling this. Thanks for sharing!

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