Thoughts on Fatherhood 3

Night Terror

Okay folks, just when I think I have heard it all with this pregnancy thing and post pregnancy thing, along comes something else.  That’s right – night terror, which sounds like something I get when I listen to a Bee Gees song.

Anyway, did anyone know that women in some form of postpartum can have this happen to them.  It really is a pretty crazy thing to read about and witness.   We went through it last night and not only is it scary for my wife, but it terrified me.  We are all okay, but man that was a scary time.  I hope it doesn’t happen again.

My wife decided to do some research this morning on it and she was telling me that one woman (she read about online) fell asleep with her baby on top of her.  When this woman woke up she thought the baby was some kind of snake and tossed it.  Lucky for this woman the baby landed on the couch and was unharmed.

You’ve gone through nine months with a child inside you and given birth.  You would think the party should start, but little things keep lingering for a couple of months after.  I will be glad when we all get back to some kind of normal around here.

Other Thoughts

Did anyone catch this show last night?  I was really disappointed with it.  The show really didn’t live up to the premise.  Maybe it was the pilot episode and it will get better, but after watching it last night I don’t think I will revisit it again.  It just wasn’t all that good.

I haven’t seen this one yet, but this show looks like it has promise.  I might have to check it out since I am planning to stay at home once my wife goes back to work.


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