Poem – Looking for likes in all the wrong places.

Hello Mr. Like.

Sitting at the bottom of this post.

Showing me.

Who digs my stuff the most.

I’ve had some fits with you.

Be it Poem or Haiku.

1 or 2 likes.

That’s it.

Causing me fits.

I’ve had some great times.

25 likes at the most.

Such a great and lovely boast.

So will this post.

Give me a chance to toast.

Take my begging for what you will.

Please give me some kind of thrill.

Don’t let me be blue.

26 likes, I’m looking for you.


Now let’s take a moment and let the coolest man in the world have his say.

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Bruce Campbell.


2 thoughts on “Poem – Looking for likes in all the wrong places.

  1. I wish I could press it 26 times for you– because I think you are the tops. I love your stuff.

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