Poem – Take It To The Limit

Listening to music

with my wife and son


Rushes over me

in a musical wave

I almost can’t take the flow

the speed

as it rushes

washing me down

I’m caught in the undertow

I give in

I let it take me

I float

I drift

On a sea of Time

Thinking back


cruising days

What happened?

Where’s that magic track?

The one that will take us back

When music was –








my youth

rushed by so fast

I hope my son

will have memories

like mine

Oh Nostalgia

I love you so


Take it to the limit one more time

Now it’s your turn.  Flood my comment section below with bands or songs that take you back.  Give me a reason why if you want.  You don’t have to though.  Sometimes the artist or song alone will tell the tale.


2 thoughts on “Poem – Take It To The Limit

  1. Pink Floyd- anything by them– memories of just hanging out with my husband– many many moons ago.

    Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys– drinkin’and partying in college– really an 80’s hair band will do
    I guess I am totally aging myself here! haa .

    1. Trust me – I know about the aging thing. I was watching the New Years celebration this year and I knew only a couple of songs they showcased. I guess it does just pass on by.

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