Poop and Pajamas Take 3

December 13, 2012

Well, I had my first judgment call today.  It came in the afternoon.  I had no one to watch my boy when I ran so I had to make a decision.  What to do?  I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but I decided to put my son in his car seat so I could hit the treadmill for about fifteen minutes.  This required going out into the garage to do it so I bundled him up and went out to get some exercise.  It was in the low fifties outside so I opened the garage door for him and I to get some air.  He seemed happy and content as I ran so I think it was okay to do this.  Something about it doesn’t feel right, like I’m putting myself over him.  If I would have left him in the house crying then I think it would have been an issue or if I had just ignored him and did my thing – then we have problems.  I’m pretty sure this one is okay.  My boy got some fresh air (which he needs, would have been the same if I took him for a walk) and I got in some exercise.  It must have worked because I put him down for his nap and he dropped off pretty quick.  Before I took him out to the garage for some fresh air he was wide awake.

That was the big thing for this day.  Everything else was pretty much according to plan.  Now onto Day 5.

Is something like that okay?  Find a safe place for him and watch him while you run on the treadmill or is it putting my needs over his?