Haiku – Rewrites and Revision

Scrolling through pages

Frustrated with frustration

Stop the presses.

Here’s your chance to help me finish this Haiku.

Below you will find an A,B,C, or D multiple choice response.  Feels like we are back in school.  I know.  Sorry about that.

Okay, here goes.

These answers are supposed to reflect the kind of re write person you are.  Choose the one which says the most about yourself when you are rewriting something.  Your answer will complete this Haiku.

A. I can make this great.  (The optimistic writer – few and far between)

B. Why did I write that? (The troubled writer – probably a drinker or pot smoker, doing stuff when they are a little loopy)

C. Why doesn’t this work? (The angry writer – ready to fling a keyboard in a moments notice)

D. Dammit, damn, damn, damn! (This is the one I would have used.  I’m there most of the time when something doesn’t work)

So this Haiku would have read like this if I would have used D.

Scrolling through pages

Frustrated with frustration

Dammit, damn, damn, damn!

Okay, choose wisely.  I look forward to your answers.

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