Those looking for 262pages.com have now found the new home for most of the content found there.

Those following this blog, looking for a post involving poetry may be thinking, whoa, what is all this?  Where did this come from?  There’s no poetry at all here.  I would say to you, yes, you are right.  I’m closing down my other blog so I am moving some things from there, to here.  It will be nice to have them all in one spot and to work on just one blog for a change.

Here’s the new stuff.



Book Reviews:


One Writer Ranting (which is me just ranting about things):


Those will be some fun things to look out for.  I also have Poetry Street and Desert Island Books that you can participate in, if you like.

The links to them are here.

Poetry Street


Desert Island Books


There’s also a section for Desert Island Books – these are the 2 participants I have right now.