Haiku – The “Storm Warning” Run

A doom like sky line

Thunderstorms in the distance

Dark grey clouds above

Nice to get the legs moving after being in the car for a few hours today (also nice not to have those scary skies open up on me tonight).  We went to visit family over the weekend, and on the way home we saw not one, but two accidents.  The first was the scariest because I actually saw a car wipe out, slide sideways, correct and then come to a stop without hitting a thing.  Not sure who was driving that car, but we were all lucky we didn’t get caught up in it.  Tough to react when you are pushing 80 mph an hour.  The second one we saw was the after effect.  Some van was all smashed up in the front, scared kids, everyone looked to be okay.  Just glad to be home after all that.  Makes you want to park the car and never get out again.  So, how was your Memorial Day?  


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