Sheeted Memories of the Past: Lukova’s Church of Ghosts

Really cool stuff. Gave me chills looking at it.

The Year of Halloween

Ghosts, Jakub Hadrava art installation, photographer unknown, Lukova CZ, via Mlle Ghoul
“There the traveler meets, aghast, sheeted memories of the past…”

In the Czech Republic, there is a medieval church long abandoned by the town after an ill-omened roof collapse during a funeral service half a century ago. With decades of decay running unchecked, this hauntingly historic edifice was on the verge of closure. Until the ghosts arrived, that is.  First it was just nine shrouded figures, seated silently in the pews. Then ghostly parishioners continued to appear, until an entire phantom congregation had gathered, shrouded and pensive, in hushed rows.

Created by art student Jakub Hadrava, the eerie sculptures were created with a purpose, “…to remind people the church had a history and a past.” The art installation has been a success, drawing tourists to the church in the town of Lukova, who have been donating funds to help with the building’s repair. View the ghostly figures for yourself in the gallery below, or visit urban explorer Foantje’s

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