Check out a new self-pubbed book! The Tale of the Golden Pirate (by Anthony Renfro)

Awesome writer just helped me out! Swing over and check out her site. Thanks Michelle for the help.

Michelle Proulx - Author

Fellow blogger and self-published author Anthony Renfro has released a new book, and it sounds pretty darn cool! Check out the summary:

An Action-Adventure tale about pirates, ghosts, buried treasure, doomed love affairs, double crosses, drug deals, and creatures made of slime. An eclectic tale combining the world of Jimmy Buffett and Stephen King. Follow Parson’s journey as he is pushed into endless peril, and asked to do things most people are rarely asked to do. Does he get his buried treasure? Does he get that easy life so many of us dream about? The answers lie within the pages.

Here’s the cover:

GOLDENAnd here some links to where you can buy the book!

UK =


Australia =

Canada =

Spain =

Germany =

France =

Italy =

Mexico =

Brazil =

Japan =

India =

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