Haiku – Early Morning Re-Write and A Quick Sneek Peek at Hellfire and Brimstone

Warming up the eyes

Brain wakes up from deep slumber

Creating time starts


Here’s another quick peek at what I have been re-writing. Again, this is raw data, and it still needs a spell check, another read through, and possibly more changes. However, I thought you might find it interesting to read.

So, here’s a bit of Hellfire and Brimstone (title may change at a later date):

“What did you find?”

Eric was ready to be done with Tom, and Tom decided to feel the same way. Skeptics will always be skeptics even when they come face to face with the truth, which Tom was about to show him. He grabbed his camera and hooked it up to the TV.  He took the tape currently in the unit out and put in the one he had when he did his first walk-through.  He rewound the tape and sat down beside Eric.

“I caught a few things as I did my first walk around the house.  Some things are probably easily explained once I look at it further, but just to give you some idea I will show you what I found.” Tom began going through the tape.  He stopped at one point. “This is when I was walking through the upstairs hall.  You will see back towards the end of it something white, with a strange form, move out of view.  You have to look quick, but it is there.” Tom played the tape and smiled inside when he saw Eric’s eyes light up with fear.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know. Could have been a passing car, could have been a trick of the camera, it could have been anything, but I think we both know what it really was. ” Tom moved the tape forward.  He was now in the master bedroom, scanning the room.  A dark shape appears as he scans. Tom spins the camera back to the spot where he saw it, but it’s too late.  The shape is gone.  A noise behind him and then beside him, on top of him.  Tom turns, spins, and tries to catch the activity, but nothing appears on the camera. All he catches are noises. “That went on for like four minutes and then stopped.  Noises all around the room, but nothing revealed itself after I saw the shape.”

“I see why you drink.  So, nothing with the devil, right?”

Tom looked at him. “What?”

Feel free to let me know what you thought about it? Would you like to see more of this story in the future?


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