Haiku – Little Miss Magic

Baby girl sleeping

Tucked away in sweet slumber

Dreaming happy thoughts


I’ve been listening to this song for a long time, and now it resonates with me so much more. I thought I would post it along with this Haiku today. My girl is only 5 days old, and yes, I am making her a Parrothead already.



4 thoughts on “Haiku – Little Miss Magic

  1. So wonderful, Anthony. And the song had me in tears. Such wonderful memories of my son. They are magic. And yeah, another Parrothead!
    I know it’s hard not to sit and stare at her while she’s sleeping, but you might want to grab a little sleep yourself. LOL

    1. I do try to sleep, but the newborn days and nights are so crazy. Wound up sleeping in a rocker last night for about 30 minutes just for a bit of shut eye. Wouldn’t trade it for the world though. She’s so worth it.

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