Haiku – Creepy Crawly

Gliding on your web

Moving towards the trapped fly

Time to have a meal


  Spider dangling high

Spinning its web with quick ease

Time to set the trap


Sticky spider’s web

It’s prey caught in the death grip

No chance to escape


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Since this post is about spiders.

Here’s a shot of one of my favorite superheroes along with a Haiku I wrote sometime back.

Crawling up the walls

Web slinging superhero

That is one cool suit


Image provided by: nenuno.co.uk/design/from-pencil-to-paper


19 thoughts on “Haiku – Creepy Crawly

  1. Got the creepy crawlies myself now. LOL I love watching them but I’m always tempted to rescue their victims.

  2. I enjoyed each of your haikus. ☺ the last one was the perfect finishing touch. After all you just can’t leave out Spiderman! 😉

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