Halloween Promotion – Nightlight Tales by Anthony Renfro

Ch'kara SilverWolf

Today’s Halloween post is for Nightlight Tales a collection of scary stories by author Anthony Renfro.

Nightlight Tales - High Resolution

Description15 out of 5 stars – Terrific plots and plenty of chills and thrills

1. The Man from the Road: A man suddenly appears on a road. He’s lost, confused, no clue as to how he got there. He starts to walk and stops suddenly. There’s a bonfire in a field nearby. He sees people dancing around this fire. They are performing some kind of ritual. He turns to flee, but he’s captured. No chance of escape. He hopes he is only dreaming, because all of this seems a bit too real.

2. The Living Sand: Two boys discover a hidden beach and the evil deadly secrets that lie within its soft white grains of sand.

3. SHe: A monster stalks the city of Tampa Bay. This monster is only attacking women taking only the one thing it needs. Tim…

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