Haiku – Unmotivated

My great haiku muse

Sitting silent and alone

Waiting to create


I know a lot you signed on for this blog because of my poetry and haiku. I am sorry if it hasn’t been popping off with that subject matter as of late. I honestly haven’t had the motivation to do it. Most of my poetry is on the fly. It pops into my head and I sit down to write out what is flowing from me. That hasn’t happened a lot lately. So, I have a lot of pre-scheduled stuff that I am letting fill the void. Next year I plan to scale back on that to just three days a week. I hope that maybe poetry and haiku will be more in earnest then. Who knows? The muse is a fickle thing and when it chooses to emerge again I will be waiting for it. How do you guys handle the drought when the muse takes a break? Just curious.


3 thoughts on “Haiku – Unmotivated

  1. I let it go and start another project, to be honest. If I return to the previous project I’m meant to work on it. If not, the new project is where I should be directing my attention. Do you have anything else you could create that you feel won’t fit here, or are you suffering total muse burnout?

    1. I actually am working on a re-writes right now. Still trying to tackle the publishing monster. Just not really feeling up to the blog right now. I guess what I am doing is enough for now. Hopefully next year it’ll come back stronger.

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