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Some of you may, some of you may have not. Swing on over to check it out today. There’s also this bonus if you follow it. A free short story. That’s right. Entirely free in the format of your choosing (EPUB, MOBI, or PDF). This weeks freebie is Flesh for the Zombies. Read on for details of how to obtain your short story today. Thanks again for following me. I hope you enjoy the new blog.

A zombie shuffled down the street underneath a gigantic yellow full moon. He was dressed in an apron, a former fry cook still carrying a spatula in his hand. He shambled along down the road, solo, unaware of the cool night air or the peaceful sound of crickets ushering autumn into the world. A silent bullet suddenly and violently took the top part of his head off, sending the undead creature tumbling and bleeding to the ground. He rested there, unmoving, spatula still gripped tight in his hand.

“How are things up there?”

Mike hit the button on his Walkie Talkie. “All good, Fred. You?”

“Nothing on this side. How does the gate look?”

“Holding tight,” Mike replied, as he looked down from the platform of Guard Tower 1 to the makeshift gate they had made earlier that day. The gate now consisted of his SUV and truck along with a gigantic piece of metal that not only covered the hole, but it stretched several feet beyond it on each side.

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