Now Available: Nightlight Poetry – Spine-Tingling Lines and Rhymes

Above, you will see my first attempt at creating a small book of Poems and Haiku. It incorporates most of the scary subjects I have posted on this blog. I went through each post and picked out what I thought were my best in the horror poetry department based on likes, comments, and just me going with my gut. So, if you want to support me and this blog swing on over and get your copy today. It is available for $2.99 on Amazon. Thanks again for following me and enjoying this blog.

Hear the eerie wind whistle, across the cold dark night,

see the unknown figure, float into sight.

Slowly it drifts, pale and transparent.

It stops and looks at me.

I look at it.

Its eyes are not there, only sockets full of despair.

A smile rises across its face,

the grin is pure evil and full of pain,

it raises an arm and points to the right,

towards the graveyard just out of sight.

I freeze at the window and shake at the knees.

A cold sweat creeps down my back, just like I’m under attack.

I scream at the top of my lungs, “Go away leave me alone!”

It drops its arm and dissolves with a cold chilly laugh.







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