Blogging Goals for the New Year!

This won’t be a long post. It is just a quick post to let you know my plans for the blog this year. The main plan and the only plan is lots and lots of Haiku. I missed the first two days of the year, but my goal was to try to write a Haiku each day this year. Will I be able to pull it off? I hope so because I like the challenge. But I also have two kids and I’m a stay-at-home dad. Sickness, school commitments, etc. can easily pull me away from that goal, but I am committed to it so we will see how it goes. That is about it. Hope you guys have a great new year. Do you have any resolutions for your blog? Leave me your answer to that question and a link to your blog. I would love to swing by and check it out.


Some of you may not know that I have a collection of poetry lurking out and about called – Nightlight Poetry.

Scary right? You can get it at the links below.