Hump Day Promotions: Did you know I have things to sale for one dollar?

I thought I might try to do a little self-promoting on this blog. Just a teeny, tiny bit. I hope you don’t mind. It would be every Wednesday around 8 A.M. It wouldn’t take up too much time. I would highlight a story of mine or maybe something else like that. On board? Good. If not. You know what to do. Thanks again for reading. You are now free to move around the blog.


I have stories to sell for one dollar and you don’t have to go through any EBook store to get them. I send them directly to your inbox. All you have to do is click this link: That is it. Easy Peesy. Lemon Squeezy. No middle man, no nothing. Just a direct link from you to me.

Okay, here is what is available for one dollar:

Available: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

Hear the eerie wind whistle, across the cold dark night,

see the unknown figure, float into sight.

Slowly it drifts, pale and transparent.

It stops and looks at me.

I look at it.

Its eyes are not there, only sockets full of despair.

A smile rises across its face,

the grin is pure evil and full of pain,

it raises an arm and points to the right,

towards the graveyard just out of sight.

I freeze at the window and shake at the knees.

A cold sweat creeps down my back, just like I’m under attack.

I scream at the top of my lungs, “Go away leave me alone!”

It drops its arm and dissolves with a cold chilly laugh.

A simple machine. Able to answer requests. Able to play music. Able to turn on lights and answer questions. Fun and enjoyable technology, but what happens when this machine is able to manifest actual things. In this short story two guys worst fears will come to life.

This short story is about five college students on Halloween night that set out to discover the secrets of the town’s most famous haunted house.

2 Guys. A haunted car. A joyride into the mouth of hell. Ride shotgun if you dare with this short story.


Your support is appreciated. Thank you.



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