Humpday Promotions: The Lot on Route 6: Page 2

Kill for me. A terrifying request, but Gavin will take this request and do his best to complete it. He will suffer. He will reach the edge of his sanity. He will live in pain. But he will do all he can do to protect the people and the town he loves.






Gavin had no words, no breath, nothing to say. He just stood there, mouth open, food about to slide off the plate. The being or thing or ghost, whatever it was, evaporated into thin air. When it was gone, the evil air in the room vanished and Gavin was once again left with a peaceful home echoing the sounds of Christmas music. He put his plate down on the counter and, with shaky hands, picked up his sandwich. He was scared and frightened, but he was also hungry. The stomach has no knowledge of fear. When it wants food it must have it no matter the circumstance.

Gavin walked over to the table while he ate, and looked at the piece of paper the creature had left. On it was a hand drawn picture of Gavin’s house with a big crimson X across it and from this X a jagged blood red line ran across the page to another X, connecting the two. The second X was placed over a picture of a field and underneath the picture were the words Route 6. He realized where the creature was leading him. His family owned a piece of land on Route 6 that now stood empty and unused. It had been in his family for generations, and had at one time in history been a thriving farm. Now it was nothing but weeds and tall grass. The farm and everything on it was either sold, destroyed, or left to ruin.

He sat down hard in one of the old chairs while he stared at the map. He finished his sandwich while he looked at it and wondered what he should do. Call the police? They all liked Gavin. He thought they wouldn’t mind helping him, even if the situation was as bizarre as it seemed to be. But what would he tell them? What could he say? What could he possibly say that wouldn’t make him sound crazy? No, he decided, he couldn’t do that. This was his problem and his alone. All he could do was go out and see what it wanted. It was his only option.

Gavin finished his sandwich, downed his beer in one gulp, and then stood at the counter a moment letting the happy Christmas music fill his ears. When he felt calm enough to drive, he climbed into his car, and drove in silence to the old family farm.


In these trying times, I thought I might try to do something to help the followers of this blog fight off some boredom while staying indoors (those of you who can do that). I recently published this novella or short story, depending on how you look at it, and I wanted to promote it. So, my brain got to thinking, and my brain came up with three ways you can enjoy this story (if you want to read it).

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