Humpday Promotions: The Lot on Route 6: Page 25

Kill for me. A terrifying request, but Gavin will take this request and do his best to complete it. He will suffer. He will reach the edge of his sanity. He will live in pain. But he will do all he can do to protect the people and the town he loves.





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Liam and Mason ate a quick dinner, burgers, fries, cold sodas, and a cookie – a maximum meal at a minimal price. While they ate in their car, they ran the plates on the car they’d found. Gavin’s records came back clean and spotless. He was, as far as they could tell, a model citizen, and once again they had found a dead end. It was another dead end in a long line of dead ends.

“You should at least take a dive and check to see if that is a car,” Mason replied, still hopeful that his instincts hadn’t been wrong, but fearing, as each moment passed, that they had finally let him down.

“Someone probably pushed it in there in order to collect the insurance money or they were just sick of it,” Liam replied, looking out the window, night was approaching, and the snow had stopped, leaving in its wake a blanket of sparkling white. “But I guess we won’t know for sure until I do, and as much as I hate to admit it, we should at least check it out.”

Mason didn’t respond as he backed the car out of its spot and made his way towards the exit of the parking lot. He merged into traffic and angled the car in the direction of Route 6.

“Do you think anything is going on at that lot?” Mason asked.

Liam thought about his answer for a moment, and as Mason turned onto the two lane black top known as Route 6, car slipping a bit on the snow covered road, Liam came to a conclusion, one he was absolutely sure of. “I think if anything happened out there then it has already happened and whatever we find isn’t going to be good news.”

“I think you’re right,” Mason replied and fell silent once again.

They watched the road, the landscape, listening to Christmas music, trying to get focused on the task ahead, both lost in their own thoughts. And when the lights of the car splashed across Gavin’s homemade sign, Mason brought the car to a stop at the edge of the road, concealing it behind a set of bushes covered in frosty white. Liam begrudgingly opened the car door. The cold air rushed in as he stepped out and closed the door as quick as he could. He walked to the trunk and opened it. He then looked down at the assortment of things he had collected in his years as an F.B.I. agent, things he might need in any given situation, and one of those was a wet suit fully equipped to handle the coldest of temperatures. Mason had laughed at him when he bought it, but Liam liked to be prepared for whatever the job required. He took out the wet suit (along with a pink and blue beach towel) and closed the trunk. He then slipped into the back seat, enjoying the warmth of the heat inside the car.

“No peeking,” Liam replied with a smile. “I don’t need you fogging up the windows.”

“Please. I couldn’t see it if it was in a spotlight,” Mason replied and laughed and as the laugh started to fade, a shotgun blast tore open the night.


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