Humpday Promotions: The Lot on Route 6: Page 26

Kill for me. A terrifying request, but Gavin will take this request and do his best to complete it. He will suffer. He will reach the edge of his sanity. He will live in pain. But he will do all he can do to protect the people and the town he loves.





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The driver’s side window exploded inward, sending shards of glass into Mason’s delicate facial skin, missing his left eye by mere inches. He fell onto his side and landed with a soft thud.

Liam dropped the wet suit and dove onto the floor board. He pulled his gun from its holster as another shotgun blast rattled the frame on the back of the car. Whoever was shooting at them was far enough away that their aim wasn’t great, but they were close enough to inflict damage to the car and the occupants inside.

“Mason. Are you okay?” Liam asked, afraid to sit up and check on his friend.

Mason moaned out something garbled and inaudible, but it was enough of a sound to tell Liam that Mason was still alive.

“Hang in there buddy,” Liam replied, as he cautiously popped his head up and looked out the window. It was dark in the field and if there was anyone out there he couldn’t see them from where he was crouching. Another shotgun blast and the back window exploded. This time the shot was louder and closer. Liam knew he and Mason were sitting ducks if he didn’t get the car moving. He waited for the next blast and after it happened, destroying one of the taillights, he scrambled into the front seat and cautiously moved Mason out of the way. Mason moaned, but gladly gave up the driver’s seat. Liam slammed the car into drive (thankful it was still running), spinning the tires for a moment, before turning the car in the direction of the nearest hospital. The seat was covered in glass, but Liam never felt a thing as he hurried the car and the occupants inside out of shotgun range.

Gavin watched the car drive away from the middle of the field, bare feet freezing and cold, not worrying at all about frostbite. “You’re done now. That’s it. Those guys are going to end you,” he replied and made his way back to his home. He knew this nightmare was about to come to an end and no matter what happened to him, he was thankful it was all about to be over. He fell asleep and for once his dreams weren’t tortured. They were filled with peace and calm.


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