Haiku – 5/2/2021

A damp musty crypt

Down inside the thick darkness

Vampire waits for night


Watched this great Vampire movie a couple of nights ago and it helped to inspire this Haiku. Are you a Vampire fan? Just curious. And, shameless plug, I plan to cover this one on my Nightlight Tales Podcast – eventually.


3 thoughts on “Haiku – 5/2/2021

  1. Awesome haiku! Yes, I do like vampire stories, but not vampire romance. I like stories with a creepy atmosphere and fight scenes and so forth. The very first story I sold to an anthology was a vampire story, and I have another one out in a slush pile right now.

    1. Thanks. I lean towards the classic Vampire stories with a lot of atmosphere. The Bram Stoker kind of Vampire tale. I read one of your stories in a Vampire collection I have. Is that the one you published? Really enjoyed it.

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