Haiku – 8/1/2021

In the black of night

Room plunged into thick darkness

Footsteps walking slow


Alone in the house

Stirring from a deep slumber

Listening for more


Hush of silence falls

Starting to relax a bit

Cold invades the room


Something striding fast

Moving towards the soft couch

Contact imminent


Been listening to a couple of Podcasts that have my brain exploring the supernatural and the unknown – helped to inspire this post. Plus, I just finished a great book by Ryan Sprague called Somewhere in the Skies. I highly recommend it. The stories about aliens and abductions and conspiracies will keep you up at night. You can get the book here: Somewhere in the Skies and you can find the Somewhere in the Skies Podcast wherever you get your Podcasts from. And if you want some great ghost stories check out the Podcast called Jim Harold’s Campfire. Great spooky stories. I think Jim also has books but I haven’t read any of them. That’s it. Thanks for reading and enjoying the blog. Have a good one.


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