Haiku – 6/22/2021

A simple haiku

Poetry with rhythmic lines

Simple and complete


I will be honest. I took a small break on this blog and I am having trouble getting the muse to fire back up again. That’s why I wrote a haiku about a haiku. Trying to generate anything to get me haikuing (is that a word) again. Thanks for following and have a great day, afternoon, or night – depending on when or where you are currently reading this.

Haiku – 6/13/2021

A door clicks open

Unpleasant smell of decay

Takes over the room


Soft shuffling of feet

It enters the tiny house

Looking for a feast


Terror fills his soul

Running for a quick exit

The back door is blocked


There is no way out

Man grabs a long kitchen knife

Time to go to war


I know I haven’t been posting much as of late, honestly having been doing a lot of creative stuff lately. Kids are out of school, schedule is tighter, free time is tighter as well, and most days I’d rather relax than post in a blog. Just wanted to put that out there in case you are wondering where I have dissappeared to. And next week I finally getting to have a vacation of sorts, going to visit family. This will be the first trip me and my family have taken since Christmas of 2019. Crazy. That’s it and below you will find a picture I was going to write a Haiku about for this post. Decided to write a horror tale instead, but I thought I would leave the picture. I like the way it turned out.

Haiku – 6/2/2021

Lifting up the cup

Realizing the horror

Coffee is finished


Does anybody else get annoyed when they reach for their coffee cup and when you lift it to your lips, ready for a delicious sip of warm caffeine, you find out that it is empty and you don’t remember finishing it. Drives me nuts. And below is a great show on Netflix all about cars and coffee. Highly recommend it.