Haiku – 11/12/2018

Yellow-orange leaves

Scattered among the green leaves

A sign of Autumn


Fear Filled Fridays (11/8/2018): 5 Deadly Senses


Her common sense fails

She opens the old front door

Slips inside the house


Mouth filled with dryness

Her throat turns to sandpaper

Saliva like dirt


She feels the floor squish

Hands trace the soft rotten wall

Brush aside cobwebs


Her nose sniffs and snorts

Filled with the dusty cold air

Rot, mold, and decay


Behind her – footsteps

Creaking across the old floor

Swish of an ax blade

New Novel Available: When The Devil Calls

What would you do if the devil came calling?

Tom is a ghost hunter and a good one at that. He is a man without morals, without laws, a one man do-it-yourself kind of guy. Then the devil shows up, and Tom finds he is now face to face with pure evil. This sends Tom on a journey that will bring him into contact with all of those he has loved and lost throughout the years. He will reconnect with his ex wives, his kids, and himself. He will explore a side of himself that he never thought existed while the devil tries to regain the soul he is losing. In the end Tom must face down the devil or succumb to a fiery eternal damnation. Win or lose. Tom has no choice but to fight.

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