Godzilla vs. Kong

Have you guys seen this movie? It’s a good one and I wanted to let you know about my new blog for my Nightlight Tales Podcast.

https://anchor.fm/s/2b7b6904/podcast/rss Summary It works and it is what you would expect from a movie like this. Big action sequences, great battles, effects were amazing, loved the score, enjoyed the battles, solid direction, and a decent script. Favorite part had to be the Hollow Earth segments – that was great. I am not versed enough in […]

Godzilla vs. Kong

Haiku – 3/31/2021

Pink and white flowers

Bursting with springtime colors

Covering the ground

Can you make out the pink and white flowers, as well as the new buds on the tree limbs, from this picture? It was taken from my window and my phone was zoomed into it. Not the best of pictures but it shows you what I am seeing outside my window as I write this Haiku.

Haiku – 3/22/2021

Sky a hue of blue

Dawn replacing the nighttime

Brand new day is born


I opened my curtains after getting out of bed this morning and was hit immediately with a view of a gorgeous clear sky. It helped to inspire this Haiku and seeing the world start is another reason why I am glad I am a morning person. How about you? Are you a morning person or a night owl?