Orgasmic Birth

* * * STARS

The trailer isn’t R rated, but it is a sensitive subject.

I tell you what, when your wife is pregnant you learn so much about the ways and means of bringing a child into this world.  This video is yet another example of what women are trying, in order to bring joy to the pain of child-birth. 

I will admit that I had a lot of hesitation before watching it.  It looked like some free love hippy kind of thing with people dropping babies somewhere in the deep dark woods.  I will admit that I was wrong.  This is a very informative documentary, that honestly, opened my eyes to the world of orgasmic births.  It sounds bogus and hippy dippy, but it really isn’t.  

The most amazing story to me was the couple at the start.  Three hours before child-birth and she was outside with her husband.  They were holding each other and kissing, getting a rhythm going.  Then they went to the back deck and laid out an area (complete with all the necessary medical supplies) to give birth on.  Then easily enough the baby slid right out in the midst of mother nature and the world at large.  I couldn’t believe it.  This wasn’t the normal scene, woman strapped down, stuff being pumped into them, screaming their heads off.  This actually looked like it caused this woman minimum pain.  That was the kind of documentary this movie was.  

I have found that by watching videos like this, that it really allows for options, which all women should have.  It may not be for everyone, I get that, and some women just need to deliver the traditional way.  I get that.  Some women have complications and need medical help.  I get that as well.  I’m just saying that women should explore their options before just deciding to go to the hospital and be with a doctor.

This wasn’t as good as The Business of Being Born, but it was still a solid documentary.  I would have lost the background music, annoying, but other than it was good to watch.