Some Podcasting Stuff – New Episodes

My Podcast – Songs You Don’t Know by Heart has a new episode available.

Check it out at this link:

And, if you want to hear me read some of my stories and some of my poems. I started another podcast to do just that. The Songs You Don’t Know by Heart Podcast is the one I am putting my effort into right now. The Nightlight Tales Podcast will have episodes in them sporadically. Basically when I feel like recording a poem or short story for it. This Podcast is meant to be a companion piece for my writing.

Check it out at this link:

I wrote this section below for a Podcast script. Felt kind of wrong to delete it so I thought I would post it here. Just in case you want to start a Podcast someday – believe me it is a lot harder than you think.


And as a sidebar, see here I go, getting off subject. This is something not at all related to this episode, but something I just want to talk about for a moment. Who’s going to stop me? Nobody else here. Hail to the king, baby. This is my thing and no one is standing behind me saying, You idiot shut up and get to the damn point. I’m getting there, promise, I just wanted to talk about this for a moment or two because it is currently burrowing throughout my brain like an out of control train that’s on fire and about to explode. 

If you are thinking about doing a podcast. If you are listening to me and saying if this guy can do it I can do it, believe me it isn’t as easy as it looks. And if you do it on your own, like me, it is even harder. And the reason being, what you can do behind the scenes, the amount of tools at your fingertips for podcasting is astonishing. And those tools, like Audacity, give you great ways to make your podcast great, but you can spend hours on the simplest thing and never get it right. Believe me, I know. Sometimes you got to say it is good enough and let it go.

Not sure why I went into that, but if you want to start a podcast, two things I’ve learned so far – get a mic first and foremost. And two, make sure you are ready to commit to it. Podcasting is fun, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. 


Yeah Me! 8 Years and Still Going.

8 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 8 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.
I can’t believe it has been 8 years on WordPress for me. And if it has been 8 years here it is at least 10 years for me now of blogging. I started on at least 2 years before I started on WordPress. Amazing how time flies. Not only do I want to share with you this milestone, but I also want to let you know I have started a Patreon Page. Right now there are just two posts, but I plan to add more as time goes on. The content I am using is poetry and haiku buried deep inside this blog – stuff that hasn’t seen the front of this blog for a very long time. I am toying with the idea of mixing my Patreon blog with old stuff from my WordPress Blog and all new stuff.
Anyway, if you want to check it out here is the link:
Have a great Sunday.

Fear Filled Fridays (8/10/2018): A Tale of Silver Bullets

Deadly shape shifter

I hear your howls at the moon

Tonight it all ends

I fear no silver

You cannot defeat me now

In my beastly form

Claws slash, rip, tear flesh

Hunter and creature battle

A gun blast echoes

A month of days pass

Fever, chills, tormented soul

Full moon on the rise

Haiku – 3 Looks at Pin

This was the first Haiku I wrote for the challenge this week. I just couldn’t wrap my head around what to write for the word “pin.” It was getting frustrating. Below are the three lines I came up with.

I can’t pin it down

Can’t think of a good Haiku

Too tough this Monday

Then these two popped into my mind.

I think they sound decent enough.

Pinned under a car

Spider-Man swings into help

There to save the day


Hair pinned up and neat

Ready for the junior prom

Waiting for her date


Anyway, do you want to take the challenge this week?

Check it out here: Haiku Horizons

Wednesday’s Quotes has Moved.

If you have enjoyed reading Wednesday’s Quotes on this blog they now have a new home: Short Tales from the Blog. They are a better fit over there than here. I am really trying to get this blog back to its poetry roots. So, now I have Haiku Horizons prompts for Monday and Fear Filled Fridays horror Haiku and Poetry on Fridays. Two scheduled posts each week for you to peruse and enjoy. Don’t worry though. I do still plan to post randomly throughout the week whenever the mood hits me. Thanks for following. You are now free to move about the blog.