Haiku – 9/7/2019

Dark storm clouds have cleared

Ushering in bright blue skies

Hot and sunny days


I made a vow to myself to try and post every single day until the end of the year once September started. Guess I am going to miss that goal. Oops. I didn’t see a cold hitting me hard or a hurricane knocking on the door. We are inland enough not to feel or see Dorian’s wrath, but we were close enough to have school closed for two days. That along with the cold caused me to stop posting. Hope I am going to get back to it today with this Haiku. Have a great weekend.

Haiku – 3 Looks at Carry

Amusement park closed

Daddy carries his daughter

Passed out in his arms


A boat on the sea

Waves carry the brave sailor

Forward towards home


Through the fire and flames

One by one he carried them

No man left behind


For more prompts like “carry” go here: Haiku Horizons


I kept hearing these songs when I wrote this.

I thought I would share.


Movie Review Haiku: History of the Eagles

Classic Eagles songs

Gentle, smooth, takes you away

Sets your mind at ease


(5 Stars out of 5)

I just finished watching this Music Documentary on Netflix. If you have that streaming service you should stop reading, and head on over there now. This is a fascinating watch that showcases the Eagles career in great detail. I knew a lot about them, but this documentary really shines a light on what this band was like from the inside and out. I can’t recommend this one enough. It has put me back in an Eagles mood once again, and honestly that mood isn’t hard to get back into once you start listening to their music. Such a great band that gave us so many great songs. I will shut up now.

So, Eagles fan or not? Spill it below.

Music Review Haiku: Jimmy Buffett, Songs From St. Somewhere

Parrothead alert: Jimmy Buffett has a new studio CD, “Songs From St. Somewhere”, with 15 brand new recordings, plus a bonus track. The album was recorded this spring in various locals including Key West, Nashville, Austin, Miami, and St. Barts.

The first single “Too Drunk to Karaoke” is a duet with Toby Keith. Jimmy and Toby are currently shooting a video for the song, directed by Michael Salomon.

Other song titles are “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat”, “Einstein Was A Surfer”, “I Want to Go Back to Cartagena”, “Tides”, and “Useless But Important Information”

The bonus track is “I Want to Go Back to Cartagena”, a Spanish version duet with the Latin singer Fannie Lu.

via Amazon.com: Songs From St. Somewhere: Music

Tropical song lines
Blended with Country and Rock
Pretty good CD

I’m always trying something new around here, so you, fellow blog reader, will not get bored.  My latest attempt to keep you entertained.  Reviewing music with Haiku.  First up, Jimmy’s newest.  I know, I know, most people probably don’t understand why he keeps doing it, but he does, and we Parrotheads love it – me included.  I really enjoy this CD, but I know it isn’t his best.  I would say three and a half stars out of five.  Some instant grabbers and some growers, but hey, it’s new Buffett and I will take it.

By the way, I have a new follower on this blog I want to pass along to you.  My buddy Jimmy is running this blog: http://audiblextacy.wordpress.com/ and yours truly is featured on the podcasts over there.  He’s trying to get some love for his blog so if you want, check him out.  

If you want some more musical stuff from yours truly you can find it here: https://apoetryjourney.wordpress.com/category/music-poems-and-haiku/

Thanks for following, thanks for reading.

Haiku – Journey

A classic rock band

Great music and smooth vocals

The sound of my youth


New School 


Old School


I will always lean to the Steve Perry years because that is what I know and grew up on, but that song Resonate is pretty solid.  I hadn’t heard it before I worked on this post and wound up listening to it a few times.  Really, really, good song – solid like they have always been even with a new lead singer.

So, your call, New School or Old School, what’s your choice?

For more Journey: http://www.journeymusic.com/

Haiku – Last Night’s Run – (6/19/2013)

Aerosmith – good tunes

Three and a half solid miles

Lightning bugs flashing

(this song really got me moving last night)


Some more good reasons to drink coffee, helps with running as well.

Caffeine (in coffee or otherwise) improves performance… Hundreds of studies have shown that consuming caffeine before a physical challenge likely helps subjects go farther and faster than when they go without it. This effect holds true in studies of both endurance athletes and sprinters.

via 8 Things Runners Should Know About Coffee | Runner’s World

Haiku – Dio

Gone from us too soon

With vocals that filled the sky

Always a legend

I was listening to some good metal music on Pandora this morning and Dio came on.  It just got me to missing his incredible talent and from that came this Haiku.  Long live Dio.

Haiku – Falling Raindrops

Tiny, small rain drops

Tumbling, falling from the sky

Cascading shower

Trees drip with water

Rain shower washing them clean

Nourishment for Spring

Clouds of ashen grey

Hold hostage the sun above

Release date, unknown

White bark on the tree

Rain, a river racing down

Forming small puddles

Do you Haiku?  If you do, maybe you could throw a few rain based Haiku my way.  Just drop them in the comment section below.

Haiku – A Band Called Rush

Classic rock band

From the land of Canada

Geddy, Alex, Neil

Rush: 2112

Thanks to this album for the inspiration: 

Something else about Rush that is of interest.  Check out this link for it.