Haiku – 1/24/2020

Hot, satisfying

Coffee steaming in a mug

Sweet morning relief


So, are you a strong coffee person or weak coffee person? I think the coffee I make could take the paint off the walls. It’s that strong but in the afternoon it has to be a bit weaker. Not sure why. Just can’t stomach strong coffee in the afternoon.

Haiku – 3/16/2020

Sipping on coffee

Listening to the birds sing

Relaxing my fears


This has to be one of the strangest times in my life (currently sitting at 47 years of age). This virus infecting the world is unlike anything I have ever seen or thought I would ever see. Hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy. Stay strong and stay vigilant.

This is my go to song in tough times or times I feel a bit overwhelmed. Its core meaning is just to chill out, relax, and make the best of a bad situation.