Haiku – 7/14/2021

Filled up to the top

A favorite coffee mug

Steaming with goodness


Haiku – 6/2/2021

Lifting up the cup

Realizing the horror

Coffee is finished


Does anybody else get annoyed when they reach for their coffee cup and when you lift it to your lips, ready for a delicious sip of warm caffeine, you find out that it is empty and you don’t remember finishing it. Drives me nuts. And below is a great show on Netflix all about cars and coffee. Highly recommend it.

Haiku – 1/24/2020

Hot, satisfying

Coffee steaming in a mug

Sweet morning relief


So, are you a strong coffee person or weak coffee person? I think the coffee I make could take the paint off the walls. It’s that strong but in the afternoon it has to be a bit weaker. Not sure why. Just can’t stomach strong coffee in the afternoon.