Haiku – 3 Looks at Carry

Amusement park closed

Daddy carries his daughter

Passed out in his arms


A boat on the sea

Waves carry the brave sailor

Forward towards home


Through the fire and flames

One by one he carried them

No man left behind


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I kept hearing these songs when I wrote this.

I thought I would share.



Sunday Inspiration

I started thinking about this song when I woke up this morning. It is a great song for Father’s Day, because we father’s have to be faithful in so many ways in order to set a great example for our kids. We have to be strong in our faith, in our marriage, and in the love we show our family. Without those things we fail our children. So, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. I hope you have a great one.

Haiku – Proud

Sleeping through the night

Son in his big boy bed

First time, all night long


My son has just moved over to his big boy bed. One day the crib, next his big boy bed. Growing so fast. I thought I would share this news, because I am so proud of him. I don’t know if you have seen this blog or not, but I have started talking about being not only a parent, but a stay at home dad. You can check out that blog here: daddystayhome.wordpress.com

How did you parents reading this handle your child’s sleep transition? Just curious.

Haiku – Breakfast Time

Outside with my son

Good Apple Cinnamon Chex

Making him smile big


I love this time of year. You can sit outside, and just enjoy Mother Nature. My son and I love to sit out on the deck. A fun time for us, and easy clean up for me once breakfast is over – bonus.

So, favorite brand of Chex? I’m partially to Corn, Chocolate, or Cinnamon.

Today’s Kindle News (hangs head with painful shameful self promotion)

I honestly don’t like doing stuff like this, but it is part of the self published world we live in.  Trying to get your name out there is the hardest thing to do.  So, here I am trying to do just that, get my name out there.   Below you will find my latest attempt at being the author I always dreamed of being.

First up:

Free stuff on Kindle just for today – 6/6/2014.  We all like free stuff don’t we.   I know I do.  My wife works, I stay home with the baby, so free is a four letter word I use a lot – I try not to use other four letter words around my son, believe me it is tough.

Okay, so where was I?  Yeah, free stuff.  Here it is below.


A Short Story about 2 young men who decide to take a “joyride” late one night and the evil they encounter.


“I’m not into cars at all, but enjoyed this short horror story about two young men and the “evil” car they take for a ride.”

The Living Sand: 

A Short Story about two boys who discover a hidden beach and the evil secrets that it holds.


“Told in a brilliant way, this creepy tale about the adventures of two young boys and the horror they discover makes a good short story.”

The Imp: 

A short story about a haunted house, and the secrets and legends it holds. Does a magical imp live there, able to grant riches? 5 students on Halloween night set out to discover if the legends are true about the town’s most haunted of houses.


Sadly none, but I am holding out hope.

So, that’s the free stuff.

I do have a Kindle Countdown Deal going on with this book:


I’m not real clear about how the Countdown Deal works, but I know it starts at 99 cents and goes up from there.  This is the only novel I have published on Amazon.

In non selling news.  I did update a couple of covers on Amazon.  Check out their fancy new duds below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m really digging that Zombie Christmas one – looks ominous, like an old B movie poster.  Yeah, I am painfully aware it has no Christmas at all in the picture.

Okay, those who have ventured to this part of the page.  I appreciate it.  If you have any Kindle stuff to hock or any stuff to hock at all no matter what site it is on, feel free to hock it out in the comments below.  I love to help in any way that I can to help further our self published hopes.

My Kindle Link: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0075Q5G4C

Haiku – To Sleep, Perchance to Purr

Your purring rhythm

Putting me to gentle sleep

After a long day

I wrote this last night – tired and ready for bed.  It is tough being a stay at home dad, taking care of my son, trying to write, keep up the house, stay in shape, blog, etc.  I even have, not one, but two, grandmothers close by who help me out a few times a week and I still get worn out.  Staying home is one of the toughest jobs I have ever had, but you know what, I love it.  This is the best job in the world – even on the toughest of days.  My hats off to anyone who has done this job or who is currently doing this job.  So rewarding.

By the way, more of a cat man than a dog man.  Just me.  They put me at ease.  How about you? Cat or dog person. Just leave me your answer and a why attached to it.