Haiku – Joker’s Wild

I haunt your darkness

While Gotham City slumbers

I am its nightmares



Haiku – Dio

Gone from us too soon

With vocals that filled the sky

Always a legend

I was listening to some good metal music on Pandora this morning and Dio came on.  It just got me to missing his incredible talent and from that came this Haiku.  Long live Dio.

Desert Island Books – Eric at THE IPC

Check out Eric’s site here:  http://isaacspictureconclusions.com/

Well the next Bookworm Castaway has been set.  Check out Eric’s selections below.  Thank you Eric for taking the challenge.

Remember if you want to be a Bookworm Castaway just click on the page Desert Island Books to learn more.

Here goes.

1. You have a choice of one complete series of books or three individual books.

While I would love to take the entire Book of the New Sun pentalogy (by Gene Wolfe), but I don’t think i could make it on just those alone, so I would bring The Urth of the New Sun. It’s one of my favorite books ever and the character of Severian kind of molded my growth into adulthood.


I would also bring along a copy of Mailman (J. Robert Lennon) – one of the best things I’ve read in YEARS – a story about a sociopathic American mail carrier – it’s touching and hilarious and sad all at the same time. Have you read this? Did he really try and eat his professor’s eyeball?? Highly recommended!!

I haven’t read this one, but it sounds interesting.  

 To finish this up I’d have to have a copy of The People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia – a very moving story of heartbreak and sadness that incorporates the characters and the author into the text. Very smart and well written.

2. Three CD’s you can’t live without – no greatest hits packages please.


AEnima by TOOL – this got me through some very hard times in my life….

 Garage Inc by Mettalica – some of my favorite classics covered by one of my favorite bands ever!

 A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Pink Floyd – ever song on this album is a transcendental beauty and could keep me at peace during long nights marooned on a desert island.

 3. Suntan Lotion or Sunglasses

 Totally sunglasses. I can work a nice tan and my eyes are getting old, so definitely some shades!


Desert Island Books – headinavice

First up – the site that helped start this idea in my head.

Swing over to http://headinavice.com/ to find a lot of exciting stuff.  It is one of the better blogs that I follow and I routinely make sure I read his movie reviews.  Thank you Tyson for taking the first seat on the boat to this new and fabulous island.

Here are his responses.  Check the page Desert Island Books if you, yourself, want to take this challenge.

1. You have a choice of one complete series of books or three individual books.

A series of books would be like The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, the Harry Potter series, or The Gunslinger series, for example. There are thousands of series out there so maybe you can enlighten me to some I haven’t seen.

If you didn’t want to be stuck with just one series you can choose three different books instead.

It has to be the Game of Thrones series.

game of thrones

I own them all, but they look so daunting. Being alone on the island would give me a chance to work through them. Failing that, I would have roughly a million pages of paper for making fires, writing rescue notes in bottles or lots of other uses. But I would hope I could sit down and get them all read.

2. Three CD’s you can’t live without – no greatest hits packages please (you will have a boom box with endless batteries to play them on).

30 Seconds To Mars – 30 Seconds To Mars


Being a film fan, I was aware of Jared Leto and wanted to check his band out one day at a local bar here in the UK. This was years ago, and they were amazing. We stayed behind after the gig, they all signed my album cover, and are now one of the biggest rock bands in the world, and arguably my favourite. This album was the one they played when they first came here, so I have to take this copy, my signed one, just for the memories.

Angels & Airwaves – LOVE


Some of you may have read my movie review for Love (if not, hit HERE!) and how it is one of the best films I have ever seen. The music was courtesy of Angels & Airwaves, fronted by Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge, and having seen them live several times, I can safely say they are incredible. Their music is anthemic, and is always uplifting, perfect for the island.

The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

sticky fingers

I would normally have opted for Forty Licks, but since I’m prohibited from taking a greatest hits album, I went for Sticky Fingers, which contains one of my all time favourite songs, Brown Sugar. Got to love some Stones!!

 3. Suntan Lotion or Sunglasses

Has to be suntan lotion  As a blonde haired fair-skinned guy, I catch the sun easily and I get very cranky when sunburnt. Whilst there would be no one around to feel my wrath so to speak, I hate the pain of sun burn, so would have to choose lotion.

Poem – Take It To The Limit

Listening to music

with my wife and son


Rushes over me

in a musical wave

I almost can’t take the flow

the speed

as it rushes

washing me down

I’m caught in the undertow

I give in

I let it take me

I float

I drift

On a sea of Time

Thinking back


cruising days

What happened?

Where’s that magic track?

The one that will take us back

When music was –








my youth

rushed by so fast

I hope my son

will have memories

like mine

Oh Nostalgia

I love you so


Take it to the limit one more time

Now it’s your turn.  Flood my comment section below with bands or songs that take you back.  Give me a reason why if you want.  You don’t have to though.  Sometimes the artist or song alone will tell the tale.

Poem – Looking for likes in all the wrong places.

Hello Mr. Like.

Sitting at the bottom of this post.

Showing me.

Who digs my stuff the most.

I’ve had some fits with you.

Be it Poem or Haiku.

1 or 2 likes.

That’s it.

Causing me fits.

I’ve had some great times.

25 likes at the most.

Such a great and lovely boast.

So will this post.

Give me a chance to toast.

Take my begging for what you will.

Please give me some kind of thrill.

Don’t let me be blue.

26 likes, I’m looking for you.


Now let’s take a moment and let the coolest man in the world have his say.

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Bruce Campbell.


The Business of Being Born

* * * * STARS

Director Abby Epstein’s controversial documentary takes a hard look at America’s maternity care system, juxtaposing hospital deliveries against the growing popularity of at-home, natural childbirths that some expectant parents are opting for. Former talk show host Ricki Lake was inspired to produce this compelling exposé after a dissatisfying birthing experience with her first child left her with many unanswered questions.

via Netflix: The Business of Being Born

I was shocked when I watched this with my wife.  I had no idea the world of birthing a child could be so complicated.  I had no idea there was so much stuff going on behind the scenes that may or may not be necessary.  From a guy’s point of view or the uneducated eye – here’s the way it goes:

Woman goes into hospital.

Doctor does what he or she can to deliver the baby.

That’s it.

That’s what TV shows and movies have taught us through the years.  The woman is flat on her back and the doctor is giving her whatever they deem necessary at the time of the delivery.

After watching this movie a lot of that thought process has changed.  I had no idea (or didn’t want to believe) that doctors could be so cold to a woman in labor.  That they would worry more about getting home than they would be about getting the woman to have a healthy baby.  Aren’t doctors supposed to take care of us?  We have to trust them because they usually know what’s right or am I misguided in thinking this.

The topics explored here are topics that all women should have the option of knowing about.  It is like there is this secret under layer to pregnancy  that the hospitals and insurance companies have enough money to keep quiet.  It’s disgusting to see money take over in such a way.

This was a solid documentary that everyone should see whether you are pregnant, not pregnant, thinking of being pregnant, or you are just someone who needs an eye opener.  Is the mid wife way the best?  It seems to be working throughout the world, but not here in America.  Watch this movie and then decide for yourself.