Haiku – A Walk/Run on 6/20/2017

Twilight descending

Sun takes one more look at day

Shuts its fiery eyes


I’d like to dedicate this song to those like me getting back into exercising or those who have been doing it for a very long time. This song is for you. So, are you trying to get back out there or are you a seasoned veteran? Just curious. Have a good night.


Haiku – The “Naturally Nature” Run

White cotton tail hops

Six eyes peering straight at me

Running with the deer


Hard to leave the cool mountains and run down in the heat again, but I did it.  Starting to see fall in the fading daylight.  Dusk was on me a lot quicker tonight than it has been all summer.  As you can tell from the Haiku, I also saw three young deer frolicking about.  Guess it is also getting to be that time again as well.  Okay, that’s it.  Anybody ready for fall?  I know I am.

Haiku – The “Misty Mountain Hop” Run

Twisty windy path

Cutting through the sharp green leaves

Trees bright  in the rain


Getting away from the hustle and heat back home for a week-long trip to the mountains.  So cool right now that I have to go and find a jacket, and it was so cool and rainy earlier that I actually wore a thin long sleeve to run in.  Crazy stuff.  When I make the trip up to the mountains I always have to listen to this song when I run.  It just sets the mood and the tone.  

How was the run?  Solid.  Walked a bit, ran a bit, that sort of thing.  It was nice to just get the legs moving after the drive yesterday.  Okay, that’s about it.  Hope you guys have a great Sunday.  

Haiku – The “Misty Rain” Run

Dark and overcast

Soft cool rain killing the heat

Healing a parched land


Nice walk, run today.  Can’t believe it is July 1st and I can head out for exercise this late in the morning.  Weird weather this summer, but I will take it.  Okay, who’s looking forward to the fourth?  

Haiku – The “Storm Warning” Run

A doom like sky line

Thunderstorms in the distance

Dark grey clouds above

Nice to get the legs moving after being in the car for a few hours today (also nice not to have those scary skies open up on me tonight).  We went to visit family over the weekend, and on the way home we saw not one, but two accidents.  The first was the scariest because I actually saw a car wipe out, slide sideways, correct and then come to a stop without hitting a thing.  Not sure who was driving that car, but we were all lucky we didn’t get caught up in it.  Tough to react when you are pushing 80 mph an hour.  The second one we saw was the after effect.  Some van was all smashed up in the front, scared kids, everyone looked to be okay.  Just glad to be home after all that.  Makes you want to park the car and never get out again.  So, how was your Memorial Day?  

Haiku – The “cool night last night” run

Light breeze in the air

Nighttime’s darkness closing in

Chasing me back home

I would have posted this last night, but by the time I got home it was already pushing 8:30.  Had stuff to do so I did that right quick, had a bite, then relaxed.  Just didn’t feel up to hopping online.  Anyway, it was a great walk/run.   I made it up to five miles, which is a great thing for me.  Longer segments of walking and running – especially running.  I am trying to get back to more continuous miles so it is nice to have a night like this.  Had to post about it even if it was the next morning.

It was also a cool night for May.  I think that helped as well.

Sidebar:  Discovered something dangerous this weekend, cast iron cookies.  Basically take cookies and instead of using a cookie sheet to bake them just use a cast iron skillet.  So, so, so, so good.  Trying to cut back on sugar, believe me this doesn’t help.

Okay, that’s it.  Back to your day.  

Haiku – The “Night Coming On” Run

Breaking in new shoes

Tough stressful day behind me

Good walk/run cures all


Nice to get out this evening and clear the head.  Something about good tunes, comfortable shoes, sunset, exercise, and warm weather that really just makes it all better.  

How about you?  What do you do to let off some steam?  

Haiku – The “Bout Time Sunshine” Run

A nice warm spring day

Gentle breeze drying my skin

No cold – joints happy

I hit the treadmill on Thursday so I could save my legs for this day.  Always do more distance when I’m outside, and especially on days like today.  Nice to just go and go.  Hope you are having a good Saturday.  

Haiku – The “Big Splash of Sunshine” Run

My legs they pounded

Under a bewitching blue

A warm sun above

I’m really starting to enjoy running in this nice weather.  I know it isn’t spring yet, but it felt like it today.  Nice to not have to wear the winter gear, just shorts and a tee-shirt.  So nice.

Haiku – The “Freezing My Butt Off” Run

Thrash Metal thumping

Viking Metal pounding loud

A cold run today

Digging this new Thrash Metal group, Municipal Waste.  Downloaded three songs by them, good to warm up to.

I also figured it was time to catch up with the rest of the world, so I downloaded a Manowar album to listen to.  Great stuff.

Haiku – The “Here Comes The Sun” Run

Sharply bright sunshine

Out in a cloudless blue sky

Great day to go run

Finally, a great day to get outside.  It seems like my last three attempts, I have had to deal with rain or cold.  Nice to see a cloudless day for a change, and warm for that matter.

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Haiku – The “Splish-Splash” Run

Pitter patter splash

Soft rain drops drip, dip, and dash

Feet keeping their stride

Nice run today, just barely got inside before the ran started pouring down.  I spent most of this walk/run in a steady mist with occasional rain drops, which isn’t bad if it is warm, but if the weather is cooler it can be a pain.  

Haiku – Today’s Run – (4/25/2013)

I don’t have a runners body, but I have a runners heart – and that is all you need.   Army Sergeant Jennifer Morris, Runners World Challenger.

Waterfall of pain

Greeted my body today

2 miles – very tough

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