Haiku – 7/16/2019

A much needed rest

Time away with family

Resting on a beach


I guess you guys noticed I’ve been away for a bit. And if you didn’t, well I guess that is okay too. If you did, then I am here to tell you that I hope to get back to regular posts as of this week. Spent some much needed time by the water last week and I just took a break from everything. It was a pretty good trip overall. Always enjoying anytime that I can spend on the beach. I wish I lived closer. Anyway, that’s it. Hope you have a great week.


3 Looks at Birth

Life begins at birth

Held for the very first time

Hearts filled up with love


Song bird born in spring

Sings out to the cool morning

Happy for the fall


(A Halloween Haiku)

Born into darkness

Creature feasting on humans

Lusting for their blood


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This song has been in my head all morning because of this prompt.

Haiku – 3 Looks at Carry

Amusement park closed

Daddy carries his daughter

Passed out in his arms


A boat on the sea

Waves carry the brave sailor

Forward towards home


Through the fire and flames

One by one he carried them

No man left behind


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I kept hearing these songs when I wrote this.

I thought I would share.


Haiku – Importance

Simple things in life

Faith, kids, love, and family

Make the world go round


I think on certain days of the week when I have no Haiku in the tank I am going to do what I did this morning. I thought of the first word that came to mind. I then sat down and wrote a Haiku based off that word. SIMPLE was the word that came to mind. If you want to you can join in. Right a Haiku or Poem or even small story based off the word SIMPLE. Post it to your blog and leave me a link below. Might be something fun to get us all motivated to write.