Haiku – Investigation

Laying on the desk

File filled with hidden secrets

Things he had done wrong


PI in his chair

Fedora and suit pressed tight

Watching her response


Soft tears on her cheek

Silently vowing revenge

Cold gun in her purse


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Desert Island Books – Eric at THE IPC

Check out Eric’s site here:  http://isaacspictureconclusions.com/

Well the next Bookworm Castaway has been set.  Check out Eric’s selections below.  Thank you Eric for taking the challenge.

Remember if you want to be a Bookworm Castaway just click on the page Desert Island Books to learn more.

Here goes.

1. You have a choice of one complete series of books or three individual books.

While I would love to take the entire Book of the New Sun pentalogy (by Gene Wolfe), but I don’t think i could make it on just those alone, so I would bring The Urth of the New Sun. It’s one of my favorite books ever and the character of Severian kind of molded my growth into adulthood.


I would also bring along a copy of Mailman (J. Robert Lennon) – one of the best things I’ve read in YEARS – a story about a sociopathic American mail carrier – it’s touching and hilarious and sad all at the same time. Have you read this? Did he really try and eat his professor’s eyeball?? Highly recommended!!

I haven’t read this one, but it sounds interesting.  

 To finish this up I’d have to have a copy of The People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia – a very moving story of heartbreak and sadness that incorporates the characters and the author into the text. Very smart and well written.

2. Three CD’s you can’t live without – no greatest hits packages please.


AEnima by TOOL – this got me through some very hard times in my life….

 Garage Inc by Mettalica – some of my favorite classics covered by one of my favorite bands ever!

 A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Pink Floyd – ever song on this album is a transcendental beauty and could keep me at peace during long nights marooned on a desert island.

 3. Suntan Lotion or Sunglasses

 Totally sunglasses. I can work a nice tan and my eyes are getting old, so definitely some shades!