Poetry Street

I want to get to know my audience a little better and I want to interact with you guys a little more.  I also want us to spread poetry all over the web together.

Take a second and look at this question.

Why do you write poems, haiku, or any other form you use to express your words?

Does it sound kind of tough to answer?  I hear you grumbling.

Here’s my answer.

I write poetry because it is such a great way to express my self, my thoughts, my ideas.  This form of writing has always come very easy to me – I’m a poet and know it.  I love writing poems because I love to see them form.  I love their rhythm and their flow.  I have a subject pop into my head and seconds later it seems like I am off doing a poem or haiku about it.  Speaking of haiku.  I have found that expanding into this new form of poetry has been a great mind challenge.  Trying to say what you mean in seventeen syllables can be daunting.  I must look like a crazy person walking around town, the house, or wherever, running syllables through my head.  I have gotten bitten by the haiku bug as of late so a lot of my poetry is based within this structure.  I have found it is a great way to express myself because it is so limiting.  It is such a challenge just to make those words fit and to create powerful images with those words.  So when it works, it really works.

So, you get the drift.

Here’s how this will work.

Send your answer to me at this address: atothewr@gmail.com

In the subject line put POETRY STREET so I will know you have taken the challenge.

Included in this email, your blog address, and the name you want to go by.  It doesn’t have to be your Christian name, just the name you use as you blog.

I will then take this information and post it, showcasing your answer and your blog.  You can re blog it onto your site and then, we, have started to spread our poetry love across the web.

I will also have a tab listed called Poetry Street and under this tab I will put your name and a link to your blog.  I will also post your answer there as well.

If you enjoy this.  Then you might find these two challenges interesting.

The site below gave me the idea for my Desert Islands Books challenge and from that idea sprang this one.  So I wanted to give him some credit.

Swing over to his site and take the challenge:  http://headinavice.com/desert-island-movies/

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Speaking of Desert Island Books.  I’m always looking for new castaways.

You can find that challenge at this address: https://apoetryjourney.wordpress.com/desert-island-books/

Okay, so, that’s it.  Just a few ways we can interact and get to know each other better.

Thanks for reading.

You are now free to move about the blog.