Haiku – Ghost

It walks in the night

The creaky floors pop and groan

From the unseen force


Do you reading this watch any of the ghost hunting shows? Ghost Adventures is my go to show when I want to see something dealing with the supernatural. I do watch it in limit doses, but there was a time where I would watch it all the time. Hard to sleep at night when you put this much stuff into your head. Now, I just catch it on the weekends usually during the day. I don’t know how real or fake this show is, but there are some things they catch that just can’t be explained.

So, do you believe in ghosts? I’ve had a few unexplained moments in my life. I had a cold blast of air settle down on top of me when I was sitting in a warm room watching TV. In this same house where I felt the cold spot I heard footsteps walking across the hall when I was the only one home. My brother, dad, and mom all had some kind of experience in this house. It was just one of those places that feels kind of odd when you walk in to it.