haiku – 11/2/2021

Corner of the room

A figure in the shadows

Shimmering in white


Have you guys seen this movie?

I’ve seen some scary movies in my time and thought I might never find another great one – was I wrong. This movie has many scary moments sprinkled throughout, but the last thirty minutes took my breath away. It was just one thing after another and I loved it – nice to finally find a movie that actual scares you. I will say it isn’t for everyone, lots of hard gut wrenching stuff in this movie, but if you have the stamina to push through it is a very satisfying and excellent film. Should have been some awards dropped on this one.


Haiku – 5/7/2021

A cool ghostly kiss

Cemetery lips on skin

Pressed to his forehead

Funny thing. This Haiku was inspired by something tickling my nose as I went to bed last night. I assume it was a piece of string or the bed sheet – but, who knows?

Dull tomato red

Piercing the new morning sky

Storm about to break

When I got out of bed this morning the sky looked amazing and it looked like it was about to burst with the most violent storm I had ever seen. Thankfully it didn’t, but it did inspire this Haiku.

Haiku – 2/22/2021

Campfire popping loud

Gathered around the bright flames

Sharing spooky tales


I dropped an episode in my Nightlight Tales Podcast this weekend called Ghost Stories – spooky experiences I have had in my lifetime. I thought I would share that episode with you and if you want to share your stories either leave me a comment on this post or send me an email – zombiebeach3@gmail.com. I will probably feature them on the podcast at some point in time. Thanks for following my blog and remember to keep the lights on at night because you just don’t know what might be lurking in the darkness.