Haiku – 1/31/2021

Nasty winter day

Freezing rain and pelting sleet

Falling from the sky


My Song Lines and Tan Lines Podcast is still going strong. Just recorded a new episode yesterday that will drop at the end of March but you guys can hear one of the songs featured on that episode right now. See, following me does have some perks. Here is the song. Love this one. So peaceful and so beautiful. Really helps to warm the soul and the day.


Haiku – Hula Girls

Moving – swishing – sway

Dancing to the island beat

With light skirts flowing

Just needed a little tropical break tonight.  I hope you will take a moment and just breath in the islands and the magic they hold.

Traditional hula skirts are call Pa’u skirts and are made from brightly dyed fabric. The top of a Pa’u skirt contains casings that house long cords. Hulu dancers wrap the Pa’u skirt around their waist and tie the cords together on their left sides. Pa’u skirts come in different styles. Some contain a single cord and consist of a single panel of fabric. Other Pa’u skirts are made from multiple fabric panels with multiple rows of cording at the top. You can make a Pa’u skirt for yourself using printed cotton or polyester fabric.

via How to Make a Traditional Hula Skirt | eHow.com

If you’re interested in learning about the Hula Dance or the art of Hula Dancing, you are in the right place.

After me and my family went to Hawaii and spent a couple of weeks there, we fell in love with the hula dance.  We also grew fond of the green, grassy skirts that are worn during the dance.

Here you’ll find videos that show various forms of the hula so you can see the dance in action.  Other features are articles that discuss things like history all the way to how to hula.

If you have a love for Hawaiian dancing and would like to add a tropical flavor to your day, go ahead and click around.

via Hula Dance Head Quarters – HulaDanceHQ.com

Poems – It’s Midnight In Hawaii and The Lone Hammock*

It’s Midnight in Hawaii

Sitting in my little tiny beach hut,

far from the pounding surf,

nestled in among the trees – the palms,

castaway on my own gentle turf.

The moon reflects its golden rays,

upon the cigar smoke I swirl,

as I take flight in my swinging hammock,

with thoughts of the sweet Hawaiian girl.

She hulas into my mind,

with dreams of erotic passion,

I see her in the blue ocean surf,

her small bikini – her only fashion.

My thoughts are rustled,

a visitor at my tiny hut door,

she is the soft Hawaiian girl,

dropping sand upon the little beach hut floor.

We kiss in the warm night,

the moon at her soft brown back,

it’s midnight in Hawaii,

as I close the door to the tiny beach shack.

The Lone Hammock

Laced among two swaying palms.

Caressed in a swing like motion by the breeze.

Set upon a lone Hawaiian beach.

Where the winds of winter will never reach.