Haiku – R101

A British jewel

Barely had a chance to sail

Now just history


I have become obsessed with this new Iron Maiden song. 18 minutes long, but it doesn’t drag one bit. A beautiful intro builds to this blinding fast speed, and then settles back down to a quiet finish. Just an amazing song that you should take the time to listen to, metal fan or not. I can’t believe Bruce was battling cancer while recording this CD.


Saturday Inspiration

Anybody who knows me knows I love music. And they also know that I love Heavy Metal Music especially. Just ask Jimmy, who is a regular contributor to this blog. We’ve grown since teenagers loving this music together. Guess that is why we’ve been friends for so long. Anyway, something I have thought about doing for this blog is to have an inspirational moment from time to time. Maybe not every day, maybe not once a week, but when something pops into my brain that seems to be inspiring to me, I thought I would post something about it.

Today, it is music that I have been thinking about all morning long, which ties this post back into where I started it off. Of all the dark genres of Metal, Stryper has always been a guiding force of light. I thought what better way to start this inspiration posting than to start with that band. So, on this Saturday, crank up the volume, let the speakers ring, time to shout it out. Enjoy.

Here’s a Haiku I wrote about them sometime back.

God’s word through music

The yellow and black attack

Christian metal band

Your thoughts.

Do you enjoy Stryper and the message they portray?