Haiku – R101

A British jewel

Barely had a chance to sail

Now just history


I have become obsessed with this new Iron Maiden song. 18 minutes long, but it doesn’t drag one bit. A beautiful intro builds to this blinding fast speed, and then settles back down to a quiet finish. Just an amazing song that you should take the time to listen to, metal fan or not. I can’t believe Bruce was battling cancer while recording this CD.


Haiku – The “Alone in the Dark” Run

Cool of the night-time

Sliver of moon winking down

Shadows dark and thick


Here are a couple of songs that fit perfectly with this run (though I didn’t listen to either one last night, nope, listened to Van Halen instead – something about them that is good to run to).  

In case you were wondering why I didn’t post this last night.  The reason was that I had posted a lot to this blog on Friday, so I thought I would give you guys a break.  I don’t like to bombard with posts.  I apologize if I ever do. There’s just a lot going on right now for me, as I try to get the word out.

A couple of reminders before I go:  My collection of 6 Horror Short Stories is still running free today.  Grab a copy if you haven’t gotten one already.  Also, don’t forget about my Goodreads Giveaway.  That’s all.  Take care, and have a great Saturday.


You can read a bit of the Zombie Holiday Trilogy here: Zombie Sampler

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Concert Review Haiku: Iron Maiden and Megadeth


2 bands of legend

Sharing the stage together

An awesome concert


Got to say, great, great show.  Megadeth really brought it.  Nice to finally see them live.  Iron Maiden was just as great as the last two times I saw them, plus I could see them better at this concert and hear them better as well.  About the only beef I had about the whole night, other than the fact I was tired, was Maiden’s set list was exact to the one I saw in Charlotte a year or so ago.  Would have been nice to hear a few songs I haven’t heard live before.  Minor complaints because Iron Maiden and Megadeth really poured their heart and soul into this show.  They are looking older, but they still have the energy to keep this kind of music going.  

Haiku – Megadeth and Iron Maiden

Blistering fast speed

Electrifying rhythm

Awesome thrash metal

Getting ready to see Megadeth live with Iron Maiden – can’t wait.  

Here’s a haiku I did for Maiden some time back.  

You can find the link here:  http://wp.me/p2kmxm-w1

A band from England

With Eddie as a Mascot

Heavy Metal Kings

Haiku – Homeward

Familiar sights, sounds

Waiting to welcome you back

Comfort wrapped in love

What is it about coming back home after a day, a week, maybe longer, away?  There is just so much joy in walking through that door and seeing all you love and cherish, from your adoring spouse, to your favorite chair.  Here’s your chance to be a part of this blog.  Feel like a Haiku then please drop me one in the comments below concerning home.  I would love to hear how you feel about the place you live in.  

Haiku – Desert Nomad

Ancient secret clan

Riders of the desert sand

Living on the move

Through the desert heat

Ancient and mysterious

Where do you come from?

Inspired by Iron Maiden’s Nomad


Inspired by the theme at