Haiku – Cool July Morning

Sunny rays shining

Across a cloudless blue sky

Summer takes a break

I really can’t believe that I could actually run this morning – usually by this time of year I’m forced to run as close to dark as I can, maybe even in the dark.  To be able to run just before 10 this morning was really unbelievable.  Sure, it was hot, but it wasn’t humid.  It was actually cool in the shade.  Weird weather this year.  

Anybody else enjoying this small break from the heat?  


Haiku – The “Dagobah” Run Part 2

Hellish summer night

Dampness holds me with moist arms

Soup like pre-storm air

Have to dedicate this one to Jimmy Buffett – his music got me through it tonight.

Part 1 can be found here: http://wp.me/p2kmxm-3iG

Haiku – The “Misty Rain” Run

Dark and overcast

Soft cool rain killing the heat

Healing a parched land


Nice walk, run today.  Can’t believe it is July 1st and I can head out for exercise this late in the morning.  Weird weather this summer, but I will take it.  Okay, who’s looking forward to the fourth?  

Haiku – The “Can’t Catch A Break” Run

Unrelenting sun

Cooling oasis of shade

Nowhere to be seen

Tough one out there today.  Getting to be too hot to run even at 10 in the morning.  Guess I am going to have to stick to evening runs until the fall – late fall.  Anybody else ready for the summer heat?  I know I am not.  Use to not bug me, but the older I get the less I can take it.

Haiku – Last Night’s Run – (5/31/2014)

Sign posts of the past

Spirits of a former race

Guiding me along


I wrote this Haiku in my head while I ran down the green-way.  There were all these words in sidewalk chalk starting to fade out.  These words were words of encouragement from the runners who ran a recent 5K – I think.  They pushed me on as my stiff legs did their best to move forward.  

Have a great Sunday.  

Haiku – The “Harvester of Sorrow” Run

Black grey skies above

Hills pushing me to extreme

Hot muggy morning

I was listening to … And Justice for All by Metallica as I ran today.  It got me to thinking about how I would rank their work.  To all of you metal fans or Metallica fans that follow me – here is my list of how I would rank their albums (albums – ha – I am so old).  Feel free to scream at me if you don’t agree.  

1. . . . And Justice for All 2. Kill ’em All 3. Master of Puppets 4. The Black Album 5. Ride the Lightning 6. Death Magnetic 7. St. Anger 8. ReLoad 9. Load 

So, that’s it.  In my mind this is the way they fall for me, personally.  If you feel any different please let me know.  

Now, I want to dedicate this song to all the runners out there – yeah, totally not about running or anything related to it, but sometimes I feel like running is a harvester of sorrow when the legs, environment, and things like that conspire against me.

Haiku – The “Storm Warning” Run

A doom like sky line

Thunderstorms in the distance

Dark grey clouds above

Nice to get the legs moving after being in the car for a few hours today (also nice not to have those scary skies open up on me tonight).  We went to visit family over the weekend, and on the way home we saw not one, but two accidents.  The first was the scariest because I actually saw a car wipe out, slide sideways, correct and then come to a stop without hitting a thing.  Not sure who was driving that car, but we were all lucky we didn’t get caught up in it.  Tough to react when you are pushing 80 mph an hour.  The second one we saw was the after effect.  Some van was all smashed up in the front, scared kids, everyone looked to be okay.  Just glad to be home after all that.  Makes you want to park the car and never get out again.  So, how was your Memorial Day?  

Haiku – The “Summer’s Coming” Run

A thick warm muggy night

Shirt plastered to my body

May heat has arrived

Two nights back to back, love this time of year.  Nice walk/run this evening.  40 Minutes when he it was all said and done.  10 minute walk, 10 minute run, 10 minute walk, 10 minute run.  

I had this song come on the MP3 player and I changed the lyrics a bit.  Instead of back in a New York Groove, I replaced it with back in a Running Groove.  Not sure why I had to share that, guess I just wanted to.

So, anybody else enjoying the nice late spring or early summer weather?  Good bye winter.  

Haiku – The “Grey Sky” Run

The night reaching out

Feet slip slapping as I move

Daylight starts to dim

Deceiving night tonight.  Felt cool inside the house with the windows open, so I thought thin long sleeve, shorts, vest, good to go – wrong!  I had to stop about 2 miles in, shed the shirt, and put on the vest.  Just got so hot, felt like I was roasting inside my clothes.  Hard weather to dress for this time of year.  Still managed a good run though.  Happy about that.

Haiku – The “Azul II” Run

Christian Rock blasting

Religious epiphany

New shoes are awesome


I tell you what.  I consider myself to be a somewhat decent tech guy, not great, but pretty good.  I didn’t grow up with computers like kids these days (man I sound old saying that), but I’ve adapted pretty well to them.  So, the point, yeah, got to rambling there just a bit.  Still juiced from the run.  Anyway, I can load my MP3 player like a champ, but when it comes to the IPod Shuffle, egads, totally lost.  I checked everything about that IPod today, made sure my music files were on it, then I hit play once I was outside.  The song sounded wrong.  It was nothing I loaded today, not sure when it was loaded.  So I started to flip around and found out that the music on the IPod wasn’t what I had put on there today.  Couldn’t believe it.  I went on with my run, and listened to what was on there, which turned out to be just what I needed to listen to today.  It really helped clear my head.  Strange how it works out like that. 

Anybody else out there confused about how to load an Ipod or is it just me?  

By the way, nice to have some fresh shoes, feeling great on the feet.  

Also, the first Azul Haik can be found here: http://wp.me/p2kmxm-3ce

Haiku – The “Night Coming On” Run

Breaking in new shoes

Tough stressful day behind me

Good walk/run cures all


Nice to get out this evening and clear the head.  Something about good tunes, comfortable shoes, sunset, exercise, and warm weather that really just makes it all better.  

How about you?  What do you do to let off some steam?  

Haiku – The “Cloudy Day” Run

Fat rain heavy clouds

Thick with spring’s warm liquid drops

Ready to descend

Not a bad walk/run today.  Just did a timed run, didn’t count the miles, 30 minutes up and back.  Nice to get out in the fresh air.  Love this time of year.

By the way, Jason Aldean is another good artist to run along with:

Haiku – The “Good Day Sunshine” Run

Heaven’s empty cup

Poured out the warm blue filled skies

Easy gentle day

Great run today!  Just love, love, love, love, love, love, etc. days like this.  Nice and warm not too hot not too cold.  My body just seems to respond so much better to it.  By the way, Eric Church’s “Chief” album is a great one to run along with.  Always have good runs when I listen to it.

Haiku – The “Bout Time Sunshine” Run

A nice warm spring day

Gentle breeze drying my skin

No cold – joints happy

I hit the treadmill on Thursday so I could save my legs for this day.  Always do more distance when I’m outside, and especially on days like today.  Nice to just go and go.  Hope you are having a good Saturday.