The “Heavy Metal Sunshine” Run

Heavy loud music

Manowar and Megadeth

Pushing me onward


Clouds breaking above

Reveals plentiful sunshine

A light bright blue sky


Nice walk/run today.  Didn’t plan to run 2 continuous miles, but it was feeling good, paced myself to the music, just kept on running.  Hurting now, but it was so worth it.


Can’t help but get pumped listening to music like this:


Haiku – The “Big Splash of Sunshine” Run

My legs they pounded

Under a bewitching blue

A warm sun above

I’m really starting to enjoy running in this nice weather.  I know it isn’t spring yet, but it felt like it today.  Nice to not have to wear the winter gear, just shorts and a tee-shirt.  So nice.

Haiku – The “Post Snow” Run

Warm gentle breezes

Cloudless sun filled sky above

A nice run today

So nice to have a sun filled day.  It seems like I always have to deal with cold, wind, foul weather or all three combined when I run.  So nice to catch a break.  Maybe spring is about to spring.  Hope so.

Haiku – The “Can’t Get Warm” Run

A cold bitter wind

Ripping, tearing at my face

Frozen run today

I tell you what, couldn’t get warm at all while I was doing my walk/run earlier this morning.  I know I had shorts on, but my legs weren’t the problem.  It was my arms, which were covered with a long sleeve shirt.  Just couldn’t get them to warm up in the chill.  

On a sidebar side of things, I can’t get enough of Power Metal.  I have been listening to Manowar and Hammerfall as of late while I run.  Great stuff to push you onwards.

Haiku – The “Freezing My Butt Off” Run

Thrash Metal thumping

Viking Metal pounding loud

A cold run today

Digging this new Thrash Metal group, Municipal Waste.  Downloaded three songs by them, good to warm up to.

I also figured it was time to catch up with the rest of the world, so I downloaded a Manowar album to listen to.  Great stuff.

Haiku – The “Post Snow” Run

Footsteps tread lightly

Crossing snow’s lingering corpse

Dying in the sun

Finally got to run in the snow today, of course, it was only in the shade because the rest of it had melted by the time I ran.  One day I hope to run while the snow is falling.  That has long been a goal of mine, but today, I’ll take what I can get.  

By the way, as a sidebar, the Erich Church Album “Chief” is really great.  Listened to it for the first time today as I ran.  Listened to the song below 4 times.  Just couldn’t get enough of it.

Haiku – The “Here Comes The Sun” Run

Sharply bright sunshine

Out in a cloudless blue sky

Great day to go run

Finally, a great day to get outside.  It seems like my last three attempts, I have had to deal with rain or cold.  Nice to see a cloudless day for a change, and warm for that matter.

Inspired by the theme at

Haiku – The “I Can’t Believe it’s not Windy” Run

Muscles crack and pop

A storm raging in my legs

Pushing through the miles

I am a big metal head and for years I have searched and searched for a new band and I think I have finally found one.  The group, Five Finger Death Punch, their two new albums have been kicking my butt lately when I have been running.  They might be, probably are, my favorite band to listen to when I am running.  Great stuff.  Here’s a cover song they did, and it really gets me pumped:

Haiku – Yesterday’s Run – (12/22/2013)

One day cold, then warm

Weather challenges to face

Each time that I run

Well, another walk/run, and another extreme, yes there was wind, always is, but this time the day was warm.  Go figure.  One day freezing my toes off and the next, trying to deal with the heat.  Tough winter season this year for running.

Haiku – The “Happy Birthday To Me” Run

Cool breeze and blue sky

Hard 4.1 miles today

Equaling my age

I figured since I hit the number 41 today, that I would do a walk/run of that distance.  I am glad to say, I did.  Nice to be able to do that as the years drift on by.

Haiku – Yesterday’s Run – (11/24/2011)

Element battle

Cold wicked winter wind chill

Still rocking the shorts

Probably should have thrown on some pants yesterday, but the odd thing, I wasn’t cold on the legs.  I was cold on the top and I had on a long sleeve that is supposed to be warm in the coldest of weather.  Hands were cold as well and I had on gloves, so go figure, only part of me that wasn’t covered didn’t get cold.  Running is such a strange sport.

Haiku – The “it really felt good” Run

The legs felt so great

Running seemed very easy

Had to stop myself

Running is such a strange sport, last time I went, hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it.  Then today, guess what, it didn’t hurt, and I could have run a lot longer than I allowed myself to.  I guess that’s just the way it goes.  

Haiku – The “feeling the heat” Run

A warm day today

Green-way littered with color

Fall’s scattered remains

It’s cold, it’s warm, it’s cold, it’s warm – just make up your mind already Mother Nature.  Love the fall and spring in N.C., but the weather is so up and down.  Wearing gloves and long sleeves on Tuesday and today I could barely keep my shirt on.  Tough to get adjusted when it is like that.