Haiku – Today’s Run – (6/11/2013)

Rock in my left shoe

Thumping pain in my right toe

5 Miles – walk and run

This was a very up and down run tonight.  It was easy and hard, kind of a strange one, but I made it out the door – didn’t think I would.  Running, just got to love it.  Such an odd way to stay in shape.

Anybody want to spill about their runs, the good ones or bad ones, just let it flow below.  

Zeppelin really pushed me on tonight.  Got to give them some love.  

I never get tired of this song.


Haiku – Falling Raindrops

Tiny, small rain drops

Tumbling, falling from the sky

Cascading shower

Trees drip with water

Rain shower washing them clean

Nourishment for Spring

Clouds of ashen grey

Hold hostage the sun above

Release date, unknown

White bark on the tree

Rain, a river racing down

Forming small puddles

Do you Haiku?  If you do, maybe you could throw a few rain based Haiku my way.  Just drop them in the comment section below.