The “Heavy Metal Sunshine” Run

Heavy loud music

Manowar and Megadeth

Pushing me onward


Clouds breaking above

Reveals plentiful sunshine

A light bright blue sky


Nice walk/run today.  Didn’t plan to run 2 continuous miles, but it was feeling good, paced myself to the music, just kept on running.  Hurting now, but it was so worth it.


Can’t help but get pumped listening to music like this:


Haiku – The “Can’t Get Warm” Run

A cold bitter wind

Ripping, tearing at my face

Frozen run today

I tell you what, couldn’t get warm at all while I was doing my walk/run earlier this morning.  I know I had shorts on, but my legs weren’t the problem.  It was my arms, which were covered with a long sleeve shirt.  Just couldn’t get them to warm up in the chill.  

On a sidebar side of things, I can’t get enough of Power Metal.  I have been listening to Manowar and Hammerfall as of late while I run.  Great stuff to push you onwards.