Monday Prompts 2

Yellow tinted leaves

A sign of fall arriving

Winter nipping soon

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After the earthquake

Rotten zombies with old flesh

Crawl from earthen graves

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As a total out of the blue side bar, I have to share this one today. My 3-year-old son said he liked the song “Margaritaville” today without me prompting him first. A lot of times if he acts like he likes a song or hums to it or something like that (mostly kid’s songs), I will ask if he likes it. He will say something about it, but today out of the blue he just said he liked “Margaritaville” with no prompting first. He’s been listening to Buffett and “Margaritaville” since he was at least 3 months old, maybe earlier than that. Kind of nice to know that I might just be raising another Parrothead. He loves the salt, salt, salt part of this song. Enjoy.


Haiku – The “Dagobah” Run Part 2

Hellish summer night

Dampness holds me with moist arms

Soup like pre-storm air

Have to dedicate this one to Jimmy Buffett – his music got me through it tonight.

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Haiku – Margaritaville

Need some time to waste

Get lost for a day or three

With my wife and son

Been stuck in a medication fog for the last 5 days and I have about 5 more to go.  Just need to get away from all of this stuff with my family.  Our June vacation can’t come soon enough.  Crawling through the days just waiting to see the beach again.