Haiku – The “Harvester of Sorrow” Run

Black grey skies above

Hills pushing me to extreme

Hot muggy morning

I was listening to … And Justice for All by Metallica as I ran today.  It got me to thinking about how I would rank their work.  To all of you metal fans or Metallica fans that follow me – here is my list of how I would rank their albums (albums – ha – I am so old).  Feel free to scream at me if you don’t agree.  

1. . . . And Justice for All 2. Kill ’em All 3. Master of Puppets 4. The Black Album 5. Ride the Lightning 6. Death Magnetic 7. St. Anger 8. ReLoad 9. Load 

So, that’s it.  In my mind this is the way they fall for me, personally.  If you feel any different please let me know.  

Now, I want to dedicate this song to all the runners out there – yeah, totally not about running or anything related to it, but sometimes I feel like running is a harvester of sorrow when the legs, environment, and things like that conspire against me.


The “Heavy Metal Sunshine” Run

Heavy loud music

Manowar and Megadeth

Pushing me onward


Clouds breaking above

Reveals plentiful sunshine

A light bright blue sky


Nice walk/run today.  Didn’t plan to run 2 continuous miles, but it was feeling good, paced myself to the music, just kept on running.  Hurting now, but it was so worth it.


Can’t help but get pumped listening to music like this:

Haiku – The “I Can’t Believe it’s not Windy” Run

Muscles crack and pop

A storm raging in my legs

Pushing through the miles

I am a big metal head and for years I have searched and searched for a new band and I think I have finally found one.  The group, Five Finger Death Punch, their two new albums have been kicking my butt lately when I have been running.  They might be, probably are, my favorite band to listen to when I am running.  Great stuff.  Here’s a cover song they did, and it really gets me pumped:

Haiku – Motorhead

Lemmy on vocals

Plugged into a Marshall Amp

One of the loudest



In 1986, an article by Scott Cohen was published in the February issue of Spin entitled “Motorhead is the Loudest Band on Earth”.[13] In this article, Cohen mentions an undated concert in which the Cleveland Variety Theater was damaged when the band Motörhead reached a reported decibel level of 130.[13] Cohen reported that this was 10 decibels louder than the record set by The Who.[13]

via Loudest band in the world – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia