3 Looks at Birth

Life begins at birth

Held for the very first time

Hearts filled up with love


Song bird born in spring

Sings out to the cool morning

Happy for the fall


(A Halloween Haiku)

Born into darkness

Creature feasting on humans

Lusting for their blood


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This song has been in my head all morning because of this prompt.


Haiku – The “Harvester of Sorrow” Run

Black grey skies above

Hills pushing me to extreme

Hot muggy morning

I was listening to … And Justice for All by Metallica as I ran today.  It got me to thinking about how I would rank their work.  To all of you metal fans or Metallica fans that follow me – here is my list of how I would rank their albums (albums – ha – I am so old).  Feel free to scream at me if you don’t agree.  

1. . . . And Justice for All 2. Kill ’em All 3. Master of Puppets 4. The Black Album 5. Ride the Lightning 6. Death Magnetic 7. St. Anger 8. ReLoad 9. Load 

So, that’s it.  In my mind this is the way they fall for me, personally.  If you feel any different please let me know.  

Now, I want to dedicate this song to all the runners out there – yeah, totally not about running or anything related to it, but sometimes I feel like running is a harvester of sorrow when the legs, environment, and things like that conspire against me.

Haiku – The “Seventy Degree Plus” Run

White flowers blooming

Soft trade-wind like breeze blowing

A warm run today

I did a walk/run of about 2.25 miles and that was it.  The heat along with being tired from Thursday’s run just made me call it off early.  I’m trying to save my legs for a run on Monday, so wrapping it early made a lot of sense.

I would like to dedicate this run to this song.  Not one hundred percent sure what it is about, haven’t listened too close to the lyrics, probably should, but whatever it is about is not all that important.  It just seemed to fit this run today.

Haiku – Today’s Run – (5/28/2013)

Night-time closing in

As day light takes one last breath

3 miles in the heat

I have been listening to Metallica’s Black Album the last couple of times I ran and it has surprised me with how effective it has been.  The beats and rhythms on that CD really help to push the legs on.  If you run, and like Metallica, you should try it sometime.

I always liked this song by them and hate all you want, it is still a great song, not to get you pumped for running, but a great song none the less.

Haiku – Metallica

Metal Pioneers

In the music genre Thrash

Lars, James, Kirk, Robert


Lest we not forget

Bass guitarists Cliff Burton –

and Jason Newsted

Metallica: . . . And Justice For All

What is Thrash Metal and how is it different than Heavy Metal? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrash_metal